Friday, November 2, 2007

Harper turns Canada's back on (Canadians') Human Rights, snuggles closer to U.S.

Harper slowly turning Canada into an international pariah on human rights

This story is shocking. I guess their next desired step is to bring the death penalty back here at home. Why else would they reverse 30 years (both Conservative and Liberal) of Canadian foreign policy on this issue? They clearly believe the death penalty is a just and humane way of dealing with crime (of course there’s no evidence it works, but these Conservatives don’t listen to any real evidence so there’s no use trying to convince them).

This quote from Amnesty International-Canada really says it all:

It puts Canada in the unenviable position of being the only country in the world that's abolished the death penalty that now refuses to seek clemency on behalf of its death-sentence citizens abroad.

That’s right the ONLY country in the world. Add to that that Canada is the ONLY western nation in the world that refuses to lobby to have its own citizen in Guantanamo Bay returned home to stand trial. Even staunch conservative John Howard in Australia who supported the Iraq war and all lobbied successfully to have his citizens returned home for trial. This is not a Conservative-Liberal issue here. The Harper government is going against standards shared by every other Western country (Liberal or Conservative) minus the United States and wants to reverse decades of Liberal and Conservative foreign policy.

How can we be proud of this? (I'm sure Tory supporters will in their own twisted way somehow try to bash the Liberals over this)

So Canada now stands alone in the Western world next to the United States on both the death penalty and Guantanamo Bay.

This is scary and makes me wonder what is next…. For the sake of Canada’s reputation, Conservatives must be beaten in the next election.

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to whether any conservative supporter could mount a defense at all.

Anonymous said...

Riding to the defense of a convicted murderer. How do you Liberals sleep at night?

Manuel said...

They would never even think of bringing back the death penalty, thats kinda like political suicide here, Im pretty supportive of this government, Im anti death penalty, but if you go to a country that has it's "own" laws, and you commit a crime you should be subject to their laws, not our watered down hold your hand and pay for your tattoo crap we have in this country.

jim said...

So the defenders basically really wish we had the death penalty here at home and it's as simple as that.

"How do you Liberals sleep at night"
Who abolished the death penalty in Canada? Was it a Liberal?

No that's it was a CONSERVATIVE government. Oh and that's right THIS governemnt has reversed 30 years of Canadian diplomacy and stands completely ALONE IN THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD in their stance (supposedly "anti-death penalty" but then doesn't care to ask for a life sentence instead for people on death row).

Why don't they just come out and say that they like the U.S. really want the death penalty instituted in the country they govern.

As it stands it's completely inconsistent to say we oppose the death penalty, except not when it occurs in the US. The ONLY Country in the world that says this mind you.


Fred Bracken said...

Canada should have the death penalty.

You know why? Because it works.

How does it work.

It kills the person who killed someone else.

That is called justice.

I know left wing loons like to coddle criminals and terrorists however the majority of Canadians do not.

Liberals stand with the criminals like Omar Khadr while the Harper Conservatives stand with the victims.

If you left wingers feel so bad for this double murderer why don't you send some money to him so he can file a legal challenge.

Anonymous said...

Wow! For those blind Tories it always comes back to it's all the Liberals fault even when pains are made to point out that CONSERVATIVES the world over oppose the death penalty (the Pope is a flaming lefty I guess), including every Conservative government in the Western world. All of those CONSERVATIVES argue for their citizens to be given life sentences instead. As DT mentions, John Howard (who has been praised by Harper repeatedly and was the first head of state invited to speak to Canada's Parliament by Harper) is against the death penalty, advocates for his citizens to get life sentences and has successfully advocated to have Australians dismissed from Guantonamo. Of course he's such a flaming lefty too (all flaming lefties stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush at the start of the Iraq invasion like Howard did of course).

This isn't coddling criminals (as much as Tories who love thins in black and white like to think), it's saying no to inhumane "eye for an eye" justice policy that does ZERO for deterence (read the evidence) while PUNISHING criminals by making them suffer in their cells for a lifetime to never forget what they've done instead of giving them quick exist from life many of them actually request.

But sure carry on Cons, this is all part of a flaming lefty Liberal agenda, or at least we can all close our eyes and pretend it is anyway. Or maybe Canadas is actually completely alone from EVERYONE in their stance.

Anonymous said...

The death penalty does NOT work. Research has shown that. People in the US and Canada have been exhonerated due to new evidence and DNA over the years who were on death row.

Many times in other countries, there is a lot of pressure on the police to catch someone to blame a crime on, and when its an outsider (someone from another country) the native citizens are relieved as the source of the problem is not their own ppl but someone out. Thus, finding a foreign scape goat can be quite common. Bring those people home to get a fair trail and humane treatment.