Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Wants to be the Next Defeated Ontario PC Leader?

UPDATED March 10 with more Hudak goodness!! Apparently his people are not fans of his own work! Slushy video mysteriously disappears.

So with Ontario PC Party race about to get started, I thought I would begin my coverage with a run-down of all the likely contenders:

The Front-Runner: Tim Hudak

If he's elected Premier every hour will be comedy hour! In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression he's EXACTLY the kind of serious politician we need! Here's his audition tape for Premier:

As a bonus he supported Jim "Mike Harris is the best Premier we ever had" (yes he said that) Flaherty for PC leader in 2002 and 2004 and was a featured speaker at a "Canadians for Bush" rally just before the Iraq war began! Serious and in tune with mainstream Ontarians, sounds like he'll be tough to beat!

UPDATE (Tues. March 10):

Perhaps the Hudak people read this blog, because the video I originally posted above was mysteriously taken down all of a sudden even though it was originally posted even before the Ontario 2007 election.

Mr. Hudak are you not proud of your work? Does this video not portray exactly the image you want others to have of you?

In any case I found another link to the same video and saved this one to my computer just in case it "coincidentally" disappears again. I wouldn't want others to be deprived of seeing Tim Hudak's most brilliant piece!

So here it is again, Tim Hudak auditioning for Premier:

No wonder he's the front-runner!

On now again to the next candidate.
Frank Klees

Said to be the originator of Tory's religious schools funding policy and was the only candidate in the last leadership race to openly endorse two-tier health care!

What wonderful ideas will he come up with next?

Christine Elliott

Apparently she may want to be Premier of the province her husband said is the "last place to invest". Must make for interesting dinner conversation. I wasn't able to find too much written about her, but IF she holds views similar to her husband who is anti-choice, anti-same sex marriage, believes tax cuts "pay for themselves", wanted to lock up the homeless and return to the Mike Harris glory days, well then.....

Randy Hillier

Full disclosure: I endorsed Randy a long time ago and am just praying he throws his hat in the ring.

Because who else will protect us from the "nanny state" (or "police state" as Randy once called it) but him?

Is there anyone else in the running who's been arrested for civil disobedience? I think not!

Under his leadership of the Lanark Landowners Association there was apparently "blocking highways, barricading government offices, staging illegal deer hunts, and publicly breaking laws that the Landowners regarded as unjust" Wow.

And on the issues if you're looking for a right-wing candidate, there's NO ONE more right-wing than him!

He won't back down! Are you as excited for the Hillier Revolution as I am?

This guy is clearly the total package!

Ok so these are just the biggest names, there will be more but darned if Wiki tells me anything about the other names thrown out there. I hope some of the old Harris crowd returns from Ottawa though. C'mon Clement and Baird, you had so much fun in opposition last time and now you don't have to wait till the next federal election to experience it again! And Van Loan (or PVL as the cool kids call you) don't let those guys have all the fun, I believe in you! Go for it!

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sunsetbaitshop said...

Randy Hillier is the only choice for leader. Thank God for the OLA.I know thanking God is not politically correct but thats whats wrong with this country.We need a man like Randy to put some common sense in government.The rural revolution is well underway lets pass on to our children a Province and a country where a permit is not required to live and work.

Skinny Dipper said...

I support randy Randy too. I think he's the PC Party's Sanjalla (or whatever his name was from American Idol).

RuralCon said...

Rural Ontarians have been abused for FAR too long:

Randy Hillier for PC Leader

Randy Hillier for Premier!!!

Mark said...

You latte sipping Liberals just don't get it!

Ontarians are tired of a government that's all about Toronto and forgets about the rest.

Randy Hillier represents us, the Ontario majority who are sick of Toronto and big governent controlling our lives and telling us what to do!

He's going to win this thing and don't say I didn't tell you so when you wake up to him as Premier the morning after E-day in 2011!

Finally someone to govern for ALL Ontarians, and not just Toronto!

A breath of fresh air!

Go Randy Go!

penlan said...

Yep. Hillier all the way. Would make for one darn interesting election in 2011 plus liven up debate in QP. Oh what fun!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Randy is the best choice for the PC party. This way a Liberal majority if guaranteed in 2011!

Darryl said...

Randy would sweep rural Ontario completely and no Conservative leader will win seats in Toronto. If Hillier can market himself in the suburbs and in cities like London he might end up the Premier. Dalton will be campaigning on broken promises and a deficit bigger than Bob Rae. The atmosphere is going to be similar to win Harris first got elected.

Liberals are cheering for Hillier, but realistically it is going to either be Hudak or Klees. Either has as great shot in 2011.