Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tory MP Phil McColeman's Taxpayer Funded April Fool's Joke

It's extremely fitting that this arrived in the mail on April Fool's Day, except unfortunately it seems the joke is on us in Brant and with OUR money. The picture you see is a REAL completely undoctored scan of what was included in the April Householder (like a 10%er but much larger, on nicer paper, and which gets sent out to an MP's riding up to 4x a year).

The householder (the rest of which unfortunately just reads exactly like a blown up typical Con 10%er) likely cost over $130,000 in taxpayer money to send out (Click here for reference, as a regular 10%er apparently costs $45,000 to go to a smaller amount of people).

So our new MP is spending that to inform us that we can have a short hello with him on ONE SPECIFIC DAY ONLY. And a free cup of coffee, probably also paid for with tax payer dollars. But, note how the coupon says "Not valid at any other time" - so if I want to chat with him "any other time" he's not available? I'm sorry, but as a constituent, I find that small print very arrogant and insulting.

I would advise you to go and print off as many of these "coupons" as possible to get your time and coffee's worth, but perhaps we should care more about where our tax dollars go and how they are spent than Phil McColeman seems to be doing.

Until now I never realized I needed a "one-day only" coupon to have a quick "chat" (not a debate/discussion, etc.,) with my MP between a 2 hour window, but I guess that's what can happen when you elect a Conservative.

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