Thursday, May 7, 2009

LPC Biennial Convention in Videos

I knew I wouldn't get to blog all that much at a convention where I was a busy delegate so to make up for that, I had a less busy delegate video tape much of the proceedings to post here when it was all over. So I've compiled about 30 videos from across the 3 days of the convention for your enjoyment. Some of these (like Stéphane's 7.5 minute speech at the reception to retire his leadership debt) were not broadcast by the media. Though only about half of these are original and the other half are poached from other blogs to make for a more complete collection (source indicated in brackets - to give credit where credit is due those videos look much more professional). I haven't been able to upload all the videos I have yet, so please come back to this post later as there are still some really good speeches and debates that will go up. And within the next few days I will be sure to find the time to give my own thoughts on all the major happenings of the weekend of the Vancouver and maybe some other stuff going on on the Hill.

DAY 1: Thursday April 30th

Council of Presidents

John Turner Speech (BC'er in Toronto)

Michael Ignatieff Speech (WAM0)

DAY 2: Friday, May 1st

Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) Biennial

YLC Presidential Candidate (and now President) Sam Lavoie Speech

YLC Presidential Candidate John Lennard Speech

YLC Representative to the National Women's Liberal Commission (NWLC) Monika Drobnicki Speech

Incoming YLC National Director Keith Torrie speaks to YLC delegates

Outgoing YLC President Cory Pike speaks to YLC delegates

Michael Ignatieff's Speech to YLC Delegates (Jennifer Smith)

Paul Martin Speech to YLC and Aboriginal People's Commission (APC) members

TO BE UPLOADED (This was an excellent speech! Come back later to see it)

Canada and the World Thinktank (WAM0)

Reception for Stéphane Dion to Retire His Leadership Debt

Paddy Torsney (former Burlington MP) and Don Boudria (former Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP) Introduce Stéphane Dion
(Not sure why but this video is the only one uploaded that ended up being mostly blurry/choppy, but the audio is fine)

Stéphane Dion Gives Speech to Reception Attendees

Party Officer Elections

VP English Candidate (and eventual winner) Steve Kakucha Speech (Liberal Minute)

Convention Opening Ceremonies

Jean Chretien Speech Pt. 1 (WAM0)

Jean Chretien Speech Pt. 2 (WAM0)

Stephane Dion Tribute Video, Part 1

Paul Martin Tribute to Dion (WAM0)

Stephane Dion's Speech at His Tribute Night

DAY 3: Saturday, May 2nd

Voting for Executive Positions Ended at 11 AM

Policy Plenary

Debate on "Removing the Ban on MSM Organ Donation"
(Very pleased to see this pass so overwhelmingly, but was surprised and saddened by some of the things said by those opposed to this policy)

Debate on "Climate change" Policy

Introduction and Vote on "National Water Policy"

Vote on "Human Rights Commission" Policy
(Closest vote of them all)

Constitutional Plenary

Debate on OMOV

TO BE UPLOADED (Will include entire debate from start to finish)

Debate on YLC amendment to ensure all policies put forth by commissions and PTAs are voted on by delegates before going to the floor (watch for a cameo by a famous former blogger)


Debate on YLC amendment to establish an Outreach Secretary on the National Executive

Leader's Speech

Bob Rae Nominates Michael Ignatieff Speech (Jennifer Smith)

Announcement of Results for Leadership Vote

Michael Ignatieff Makes His Entrance

Ignatieff Intro Video (LPC)

Ignatieff Acceptance Speech Pt. 1 (LPC)

Ignatieff Acceptance Speech Pt. 2 (LPC)

Ignatieff Acceptance Speech Pt. 3 (LPC)

Ignatieff Acceptance Speech Pt. 4 (LPC)

New Liberal Party of Canada Logo

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Jennifer Smith said...

This is fantastic - thank you for putting all that together! If you want to add to your collection, I have video of Ignatieff's speech to the YLC, and Bob Rae's speech on Saturday (with part 2 here).

If you manage to find anyone who taped Alf App's speech, let me know - I really liked that one but neglected to record it.

Danielle Takacs said...

Thanks for letting me know Jennifer, I'd love to add them to the collection!

If anyone else has any videos of their own not posted here I'd be grateful to hear about them.

Jennifer Smith said...

You know, if we had had our collective acts together we bloggers could have had the entire thing videotaped beginning to end. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle!

Great summary of the Liberal convention. I wish I had checked my trackbacks a little sooner as this comment is a wee bit belated no?!

And thanks for including the Kukucha speech ; )

Anonymous said...