Monday, September 17, 2007

Kitchener-Waterloo Rally

Re: Thursday September 13, 2007

Who brings out a crowd of steamy firefighters with an antique fire truck, John Milloy, Kathryn McGarry, Liz Sandals, Leeanna Pendergast, Louise Ervin, a large amount of the Sikh population, 200 crazy fans and the token OPP officers? Well none other than Mr. Dalton McGuinty that’s who!

Dalton discussed how jobs and education are linked together. Good education and training gets students those top jobs that are competed for by the global market, such as those jobs in Stratford with the Toyota plant. These great jobs and products are what makes our economy so strong and attractive, and this was exemplified with Dalton’s visit to India and their desire for these cars.

I’ve heard quite the few stories about John Milloy. For example, apparently he gives pretty random gifts, such as raw cabbage. I’ll take this as part of sense of humour, as Dalton acknowledged the great contributions that he made to the Liberals election platform.

My only point of concern from the night would have been to tone down the presentation. I know Dalton gets excited and passionate when he speaks, and maybe it was because I was sitting at the front, but he sure was loud. Secondly, one of Dalton’s jokes, which he is famous for, caught me severely off guard for a moment. The joke tonight was “a little boy who is his hockey team’s goalie, let a goal in. The coach said, ‘Don’t worry, you’re the best.’ And the boy says “I know, its my team that sucks.” Dalton’s delivery had to be a little more clear – there seemed to be a long pause, and I was waiting for the punch line, because I didn’t know if he was saying what I thought he was implying. The punch line did come, eventually… "My team doesn’t suck!” No Dalton they don’t, but please don’t test my allegiance!

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