Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Steady Does It...

At least things seem to be going well on the Provincial front.

Today, McGuinty, Tory and Hampton all attended the International Plowing Match, and they even showed up at an event there together! They had a tractor race with tractors matching their political colours. It seemed like a good spirited fun event, which is probably needed amongst the three of them before they hit the debate floor on Thursday night. Wining congrats go to Howard Hampton, who showed good effort. We can’t win everything, (that was shown yesterday), but we’ll “let” Hampton have this win (this may be the biggest and last one for him).

McGuinty had an excellent start, but decided to pace himself (he’s preparing for the big war, not the battle, and steady does it).

Unfortunately for Mr. Tory, who obviously came in third, this finish must have been a shock as he’s been taking a lot of tractor lessons from Randy Hillier. According to CBC News TV and the Globe, the reason for Tory’s dead last position: he headed into a stone patch and too many rocks in his tractor’s way. How fitting and appropriate, an allegory of his own campaign! Let’s count the rocks in Tory’s way: his terribly unpopular plan to fund private religious schools, his constant negativity, his lack of any real vision for the future, his poor French, and a party full of people who want to relive their youth circa 1995 and just can’t help saying so on the campaign trail (e.g., Hillier, Klees). And I’m sure much much more to come….

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