Monday, July 14, 2008

Bombardier Goes Green with Accolades - But Are We Content to be Just Hot Air?

I've been watching some news clips today on TV - each time a reporter tells of the Bombardier going Green story, a smile as huge as arainbow appears across their face. Themes of this story arethat it is good news for Canada and its economy, as companies will buy this plane to do their share for the environment; and that this is good news for the world as we fight climate change.

Many news stories are bragging about how Bombardier, a Canadiancompany building this plane in Canada, is leading the world on thisfront. This seems like a wonderful idea, that we are willing to leadthe world on - we're willing to be the first, help the environment, and by being first, we're going to be rewarded with contracts. Good for Bombardier, I congratulate them.

Well if we are willing to lead the world with this, some people (orparties) clearly aren't willing to take this initiative further andbring forth similar benefits. Yet the Bombardier story s exactly the type of thing that Dion's Green Shift is trying to do. We can't wait for the actions of others, Canada can lead the environment front and the Green Shift gets the job done by encouraging companies to be more environmentally responsible.

Airplanes aren't the be all and end all, they are only a start. If we, or some people, including reporters, think they are, they ough tto think more about what Dion's Green Shift will do for Canada's reputation, the world's environment and our economy and how it will encourage other businesses to follow the lead of Bombardier. The Green Shift will make stories like this one (that reporters are raving about) a regular occurrence. Now isn't that what we want? Why can't reporters show some more enthusiasm for something that's going to make that happen?

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