Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Historic Poll! Liberal Leadership Edition!

It's time for another earth shattering Galloping Around the Golden Horseshoe Poll! Always a big fan of democracy I like to give my readers their say. In past votes you voted on the future of John Tory (he's lasted a lot longer than you predicted) and made the ground breaking choice of a new colour scheme for this blog! Now you can make your voices heard on what I just proposed: "The FAIREST Approach for Liberal Leadership". This approach would see a leadership race till the 3rd or 4th week of January with public debates between Ignatieff and Rae, platforms released, and giving all members a online/phone consultative vote BEFORE caucus selects the leader so that the choice reflects the will of the membership in all ridings. Is it the best idea ever or something so horrible I should be shouted at for even suggesting it? (no there is no room for in between here). You can vote away in the top right corner. Voting ends 10 AM on Wednesday. Get to it!

UPDATE: I was unaware it was possible to move up the DSMs for Super Weekend to mid January and appoint an interim leader then based on the results but if it is possible to do that and still have a bit of flexibility on membership cut-offs (for the reasons I outlined in my post, ideally it should be a week before the voting) then I think that would be a fair solution as well since all members get to vote as DSMs and the voices of women, youth, seniors and Aboriginals would be protected just as well as in my proposal since the winner would be based on eleted delegates through the formula we've used in the past. I still think what I proposed is in line with the constitution but moving up DSMs would be more consistent I suppose. If you agree with that option OR the one I proposed in the past post, vote Yes for the poll in the top right corner.

UPDATE 2: The poll saw 65% vote in favour of my proposed solution, but as is well known to anyone who wasn't living under a rock my ideas were not adopted by the National Executive and the leadership race is now effectively over and Michael Ignatieff will be the next Liberal leader. Bob Rae clearly deserves kudos for showing to all how committed he is to this party and uniting it behind the Liberal leader against Stephen Harper. So now it's time to move forward and put the focus where it belongs on Stephen Harper's appalling government and at the same time on rebuilding the Liberal Party of Canada together.

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daveberta said...

Why don't they scrap the DSMs in favour of one-member, one-vote. It would probably help streamline the process if they chose to have a January vote.

Danielle Takacs said...

I understand there is a concern with the fact that OMOV was voted down at the last convention.

I only support OMOV if the votes are proportioned in a way equivalent to how we assign delegate spots, but I understand some Liberals are voicing some concerns about the possible constitutionality of any OMOV system. I think what I proposed works fine but I understand the concerns because of the fact that less than a majority supported OMOV in Montreal in 2006.

I'd still like to hear if it's possible to move up the DSMs and have flexibility with membership cut-offs though.

paul kambulow said...

"For the Conservatives, the most damage in the past week seems to have come from the province of Quebec, where a plurality believe Mr. Harper should resign as leader of the party and a majority blame the Conservatives more than anyone else for the parliamentary crisis." Dumb Harper was foolish enough to attack the coalition government blame on Quebcers and he is now continuing to pay the price for it. He Harper cannot win without the support of Quebec, east.. nor can the Liberals