Sunday, October 14, 2007

Canadians Paying Enough for Olympics - Give us a Break!

Recently, the 2010 Olympics ticket prices were unveiled. I was shocked to hear what the prices are going to be - $800 for one ticket to the men’s hockey final, or over $1000 to attend the Opening Ceremonies. It goes without saying that the price of watching it on tv is free, with a much better view and even commentary.

Obviously, I think the price (gauging) is appalling. The price of the Vancouver Olympics has already been quite expensive, with Vancouverites paying the price – from increased taxes, debt for years to come and one not being currently able to find any sort of contractor for years as they’re all contracted out to the construction of the Olympics. And when the Olympics do come, don’t plan on getting around town in any timely manner with prices of everything increasing. Already, hotels are booked. I really feel that people like me are not welcomed to attend the Olympics. I feel as if its only for societal elites to attend.

I have been waiting and hoping to go the 2010 Olympics for years. Probably because years ago I recall my mother saying one night during a past Olympic game that it must be very special for one to be at the Olympics when your country is hosting it, and be surrounded by other members of your country, united, waving your native flag. And if you’re at an event where you win a medal – wow. Well after hearing these prices, I am led to believe this special experience won’t be happening for me in 2010, and who knows when the opportunity will present itself again.

Here’s what I think would have been appropriate: If you’re a Canadian, you get a discounted Canadian price. Canadians will be paying enough for hosting the event for years to come, there might as well be some payoff for the people to enjoy it and see the results of their troubls first hand, not just the planners or organizers.

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