Monday, October 8, 2007

The Last Hoorah

Yes, I want four more years of Dalton McGuinty. Four more years of good government focusing on the things that actually matter to Ontarians, unlike what we've been hearing from the other guys.

Though I wonder who put up these anonymous signs in just the last 24 hours? Hmm? Gee? What's the one at the end in perfect alignment with the others?

And some of these weren't even really broken promises to begin with, but I guess they made a list at the start of the campaign and screw the facts they're sticking to it.

One last desperate attempt I suppose. I guess they think if their messaging hasn't worked by talking about it, somehow printing it and putting a signature card at the end will be less evasive but more effective.

I guess last week's distasteful and deceptive mail out wasn't enough. At least they took credit for putting that one out. Though I must say at least a name is on the sign, up till this point I just thought the PC candidate's name was "my John Tory candidate". Oh well won't matter.

See you at the victory party.

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Anonymous said...

Poll says Ontario Liberals have 15-point lead
Updated Mon. Oct. 8 2007 6:43 PM ET News Staff

The Ontario Liberals are sailing to victory with a 15-point lead over the Progressive Conservatives, according to a new poll, despite PC Leader John Tory's promise to hold a free vote on funding faith-based schools.

The Strategic Counsel poll, conducted between Oct. 6 and 7 for CTV News and The Globe and Mail, shows the PC Party bleeding support ahead of Wednesday's vote: (percentage-point change from a Sept. 13-16 poll in brackets):

Liberals: 42 per cent (+2)
Progressive Conservatives: 27 per cent (-7)
NDP: 19 per cent (+3)
Green Party: 11 per cent (-1)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure after everything this stunt will work!

Zac said...

What riding is this Danielle?

Anonymous said...


These sign, presumably in Guelph, and possibly elsewhere represent how low Tory can go. Shameful.
I suspect that most thankgiving travellers saw them as more election clutter and paid no attention.
Tory, Senechal and leadership don't belong in the same sentence.
What is really interesting in Guelph (beside the fact an apparently, according to the local rag, a deserving and competent MPP will likey be re-elected, is the vandalism at the Liberal constituency office and the Senechal campaign office.
Then again there was the manure episode the week before at the same Liberal constituency office.
Sources say and Tribune reporting suggest GUTS was behind both acts of vandalism.
Interesting that the local press has failed to follow the police investigation.
Apparently in both broken window events NDP campaign material was found and taken as evidence.
More interesting is the connection between the NDP and GUTS.
If you look at SNAP you wil find a picture of an NDP executive member who is also a member of GUTS (dont believe me check the web sites).
Intersting? You bet. Will the local press suss out the conects? The answer..... No! And that is the real question if you live in Guelph. What is the connect between the Mercury and GUTS...since the editorial position is supportive AND on the Mercury blog they dismissed any connection.
This is interesting. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi DT,

You will have to confirm this but a 'source' told me that Senechal and his gang targeted the local MPP's house with these sign.
Imagine he/ she was not impressed.
Yea you are right most were not broken promises. Can't even get the smear-facts right.
Then again what do you expect.
Senechal is an old Alliance candidate and Tory is trying to sell himself as the incarnation of Brampton Bill Davis.
It'so.... sad and the PC's are so ...what's the words I am searching for. Yes. Stupid and pathetic