Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tory's bluster on doctors

So it's back to blogging on the Provincial front.

First of all, I'd like to talk about John Tory's day today which was spent talking about his plan to bring more doctors to the Province and how McGuinty has supposedly failed in this regard. Though it seems to me that Tory's plan involves things McGuinty has already done such as increase space in med schools (done) and set up a program to bring back doctors from the US (done). The only thing new is that Tory says he'll go to the U.S. himself and he "won't come back empty handed", as if he's such a master persuader than just seeing John Tory on your doorstep south of the border will be enough to pack your bags and return home. I guess he also promised "cold hard cash" to bring doctors back, but is it just me or is that sending a message to today's med students "go to the U.S. now and I'll give you a raise to come back". Thankfully it seems Tory won't have such power.

Tory also mentioned that 1 million families still don't have a family doctor and that's the same as 4 years ago. Of course he's just fooling with numbers, as that statement only means something if the province's population has not changed over the past years. In fact, the province has more people now, so the percentage of people with family doctors HAS gone up and in fact that half a million more families now have a family doctor compared to before. I myself am someone who found a family doctor in the past four years, but Mr. Tory doesn't want to talk to people like me of course who have positive stories to tell about where our province has been going.

I especially liked this line from the article:

Mr. Tory acknowledged that he could not fix the problem overnight if he becomes premier; the ideal solution is to create more spaces in medical schools to train doctors but that takes time.

Ok Mr. Tory remind me again why you are complaining about McGuinty and how you think it's his fault not all Ontarians have a family doctor. Didn't he increase med school spaces and doesn't that take time? Oh well John Tory is not the best with consistency these days.

Now don't get me wrong this is a real issue and more Ontarians definitely need a family doctor, but John Tory has basically admitted that McGuinty has taken the right steps and that it will take time to solve the problem. So I'm not sure this topic is that best thing for Tory to be talking about less than a week before the election since it's something McGuinty has done a decent job on.

And according to Kinsella Tory may be breaking election laws too? Well it just keeps getting better doesn't it? Still we'll see if the media picks up on that one.

It was another great day for Mr. Principle on his road to victory....

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