Sunday, December 16, 2007

NDP Following Conservatives Lead in Ousting Candidates

So when the Conservatives ousted their elected candidates Mark Warner in Toronto Centre and Brent Barr in Guelph for not being "team players" Jack Layton decries this as anti-democratic and being due to the close-mindedness of the Conservatives for not letting their candidates talk about important issues.

And when Jack Layton and his NDP do the same thing?

"Federal NDP leader Jack Layton was not available for comment Saturday but said in a statement he supports the committee's decision to “withdraw certain candidates.”
He called the committee “democratic” and said it must make decisions in the best interests of the party."

I see....

The NDP sure is the party of the grassroots it claims to be isn't it?

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leftdog said...

Your phony outrage is soooooo typically 'Liberal'!

Explain to me why it is the Micheline left the Liberal Party of Canada???

Your outrage is phony!!!!

Jay said...

Because we are liberals, we can't point out the NDP's shortcomings. Where you learn this technique?

Sounds like a religion to me. The NDP is becoming more commie everyday. Now they are above criticism.

Talk about self righteous arrogance.

leftdog said...

Where did that little outburst come from? Nowhere did I say that the NDP were above criticism ... but what I am talking about is well 'founded' criticism .... AND THEN YOU START RED BAITING! You are PROOF indeed, that there are MANY right wing Liberals who would be MORE comfortable in the ranks of the Conservative Party!
(calling me a 'commie' - you are nuts!)

burlivespipe said...

Step up Leftdog, if you're main principles are completely inline with Jack's, you will be ready to shelve a lot of policies and people that got you where you are today. If Jack's goal is to supplant the Liberals, tell me how you are going to make yourselves more 'main stream'? Is it by dropping transgender candidates, or by becoming less ideological in nature?
I don't know if Danielle's crack about 'commie' was a joke, but I bet it was. YOu shouldn't be too sensitive. Soon you'll have Tony Blair-like blood on your hands if Jack's plan is successful. And we'll have 12 more years of CON dreck government.

Danielle Takacs said...

For the record, I have never supported the use of the "commie" or "Communist" to describe NDP members, as I think it's kind of lazy and I've never met a Dipper who really resembled a Communist in any way. I don't agree with a lot of Dipper's views, but that doesn't mean we have to throw little labels at them it kind of cheapens the debate.

I always find rational arguments as to why they are wrong work a lot better. So in case Burlivespipe was mistaken, it was Jay who said NDPers are becoming like commies and I don't support that.