Monday, December 31, 2007

Note to Harper on the isotopes issue

I heard on CBC Radio that Newfoundland has not seen the isotopes they desperately need delivered to them in recent days so they have had to delay over a hundred people scheduled for different procedures that need them. Apparently this is because Air Canada can't make space during this busy holiday season (which I think is appalling), but I have an idea: Mr. Harper is your private jet being used right now? Why not put it to use for the public good of those people in Newfoundland?

Somehow I doubt he will.

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Canajun said...

Are you kidding? With the latest news about Loyola Hearne's "spies" in Danny Williams' cabinet, the PM's plane would probably meet a wall of flying cod heads (if there are any left) on final approach into St. John's. I expect SH&Co will wisely steer well clear of The Rock for a while.