Monday, December 31, 2007

Stephen Harper and the "Quebecois" nation

I was a bit alarmed to read this over at Paul Wells' blog. Stephen Harper apparently has been telling the Quebec media (in La Presse specifically) the following:

“Stephen Harper souhaite que la résolution qui reconnaît les Québécois comme une nation soit incluse dans la Constitution canadienne”

Translation: Stephen Harper hopes that the resolution recognizing the “Québécois” as a nation can be included in the Canadian Constitution!

I didn’t support this when Ignatieff proposed it (too divisive and not what we should be focusing on now), but this is even worse, at least Ignatieff was proposing to recognize Aboriginals at the same time, I seriously doubt Harper would do that.

But my main gripe here is that Ignatieff got hell over this proposal in the English media for weeks with countless editorials slamming it and saying the Liberals would doom themselves if they followed it.

Now when Harper proposes the exact same thing the only English journalist we hear from about this is the French (France) columnist from Macleans?

And people say we have a “Liberal media” in Canada?

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The Grumpy Voter said...

This is pure pre-election messaging. The question I have to ask is: do Liberals really want to campaign against that in Quebec?

Loraine Lamontagne said...

Go for it, I say - define it! What i a Québécois? What is a nation within a nation? Ho does it affect an individual in the eye of the law? My ancestors have been here since the sixteen hundreds and I am what the Anglais calleda a Canadien - so what what is a Québécois as opposed to a Canadien?

Jazzy said...

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