Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Go Green Vote Red!

This past Saturday, the youth campaign in support of the Green Shift, Go Green Vote Red was launched in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Navdeep Bains and YLC President Cory Pike were on hand to lay out the details of the campaign and the youth campaign website (see photos below). The website (www.gogreenvotered.ca/) has a great video by Stephane talking about the value of the Green Shift to youth and importantly there are also Videos of Liberal youth who tell us why they believe the Green Shift is the policy Canada needs for the 21st century. I encourage all young supporters of the Green Shift to submit their videos as well (instructions can be found here) – you could even win a VIP trip to Ottawa for having the best French and/or English video! There are other prizes as well. You can also join the French and English facebook groups for this campaign, find out how to share the plan with others, and even follow where the Go Green Vote Red Tour will be going after its initial launch in St. John’s this past weekend. There will be more stops I’m sure than what’s listed now so keep checking back to see if it will be coming to your area.

Through this campaign the Liberal Party is showing once again that it values and promotes the views of youth. It doesn’t seek to hide or minimize them or make the youth into puppets of the senior party. And the Young Liberals of Canada and other young Liberal groups across the country consistently pull their own weight in coming up with innovative initiatives like this in return. I think it’s clear that the Liberal Party is the best home for youth across the country as it is only there where youth have a real voice and have their ideas accepted by the party at large. I’m sure the Liberals will succeed in convincing a large majority of youth to Go Green and Vote Red!

I hope to be back soon with a report on the Young Liberals Atlantic Caucus where this campaign was launched. It was definitely a great weekend! Having now returned from a week in Atlantic Canada and some other things out of the way I hope August will be a more busy blogging month than July.

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