Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vandalism in Guelph Absolutely Shameful

The stories of the vandalism in Guelph are shocking and shameful. It seems that at least 10 homes with Frank Valeriote signs were vandalized, and at least 6 cars were keyed and their cars brake lines were tampered with and cut.

The joint release from all major 4 party Guelph candidates is below. Frankly I hope a similar statement comes for all the party leaders because when this happens anywhere the rest of the country deserves to know and a clear call needs to be made this isn’t tolerated ANYWHERE.
Frank Valeriote, Tom King, Mike Nagy and Gloria Kovach denounce criminal damage to property: Joint Statement

GUELPH — August 29, 2008 - Frank Valeriote along with the other candidates in the Guelph by-election have unequivocally denounced the criminal damage that was done to at least ten homes and 6 vehicles in Guelph which had Frank Valeriote lawn signs in the early hours of Friday morning. They made their statements at the home of one of the victims this afternoon.

Families woke up in the early morning to see the brickwork of their houses spray painted with political graffiti as well as the brake lines to their automobiles cut.

This violence follows on the extensive damage to campaign signs that has been occurring to varying degrees to Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green signs throughout the by-election period.

“What happened in the early hours today is a despicable and cowardly act that endangered innocent people’s lives,” said Valeriote. “The cutting of the brake lines was intended to at the very least to severely injure people, who have chosen to participate in one of the most important processes this country has to offer to its citizens- they chose to exercise this right and have a political sign on their lawn. We live in a lawful and peaceful society where we have the freedom to express ourselves politically. No one should be subject to this kind of violence and intimidation,” Valeriote concluded.

Frank Valeriote and Tom King spent most of the day visiting and consoling the owners of the houses that have been criminally vandalized. “I join Frank Valeriote in condemning these vicious attacks in ourcommunity,” said Tom King. “The vandalism to political signs and the targeting of private homes and property must stop immediately. This kind of activity has nothing to do with the NDP or the Liberals. We’re sad to see politics take such an ugly turn. We hope the police will find the criminals responsible and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.”

“Greens totally disapprove of any acts of vandalism. Political motivated attacks on people’s homes and property insults the values that Canadians hold sacred regarding safe a free elections” said Mike Nagy.

Gloria Kovach agreed with all the candidates stating ” This is an escalation in behaviour and his kind of activity has no place in Guelph especially whe we all strive for free and fair process”.

All the candidates denounce the criminal violence, and give their sympathies to the victims whose private property was damaged.
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