Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Content to be Slammed for Our Own Human Rights Record, Harper Decides He Wants to Cover Up Abuses for Others

We’ve already been slammed over and over again for going from a leader to a pariah on human rights - by supporting the death penalty, dropping support for the international treaty on indigenous rights, turning a blind eye to torture in Afghan prisons, and voicing strong support for Guantanamo Bay. In every case we’ve stood virtually alone in the Western world, with our only ally usually being the Bush Administration. Now Harper’s government is trying to cover up the records of other countries? NO other western country does this! It wasn’t good enough to be on level with the Bush Administration, I guess we just had to do worse.

And Peter Van Loan wants to claim the Conservative government has been “second to none” on human rights?

Why don’t the media just call these guys for what they are – liars. Not only do the Conservatives have an extreme problem with telling the truth, in just 2 and half years, they have set back Canada’s international reputation on every major issue – a reputation that has taken decades to build up. For those voters in Guelph, St.-Lambert and Westmount Ville-Marie who want that proud Canadian reputation back, there’s a clear chance to send a message that you’ve had it with Canada’s backsliding – Vote Liberal on September 8th and put Harper on notice.

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Oldschool said...

Why don't you just move to a country governed by the UNecessary?
You clowns think Canada should adopt every brain-dead concept that comes out of this sadly lacking world body of corrupt despots. Tired of the Lieberal spin of corruption . . . guess the little marxist PET left that out of his crummy constitution . . . that we should adopt any rules the inept UN decides is good for all.

Scott Tribe said...

It's all about making sure there is as little to embarrass the Harper Government as possible, and more importantly, making sure it doesn't blow up on them at say election time. That's the #1 thing in motivation that this Harper government looks at when it does anything. I'd suggest this move isn't any different.

Scott Tribe said...

Ah've always been good for comedy value.

I'm curious.. do you REALLY support Canada covering up human rights abuses by other countries? I thought Conservatives were all about human rights and such in other countries.. it would be good to know what they're doing, don't you think?

Try answering that instead of ranting and raving ridiculously and throwing red herrings out there left and right.