Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Chase for Change 2008: Wyoming (D) and Mississippi Edition: Things Looking a Little Better for Obama

It's been busy times, but I haven't missed covering a single primary yet so the last two will be no exception.

So after losing Ohio and the popular vote in Texas I had predicted Obama would win the next couple races and yes he did, winning 61% to 37% in Miss. and 61% to 38% in Wyoming. He also got bolstered by the news that he won the Texas caucuses and will actually win more delegates in Texas than Clinton has. So from a delegates perspective Obama has now won 15 out of the last 16 races. So this takes a bit of the sting out of the argument from the Clinton campaign that voters are now having "buyer's remorse" with Obama.

I can now say that even if Michigan and Florida do a do-over Obama should go into the convention with the pledged delegate lead. As well, the Clinton campaign was rocked by ridiculous and offensive comments made by Geraldine Ferraro. She has an important place in history and was a trailblazer as the first female VP nominee, but she was completely out of line in what she said. It would be offensive for people to say Hillary is where she is just because she is a woman and it's offensive for Ferraro to imply that Obama is just where he is because he is black. When people chant "Yes We Can" and "We Want Change" you'd think she could clue in that it's Obama's message of hope and change that has brought him to the top and not much else. Remember Obama rose to stardom off an amazing speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004 and it's been his message of hope and his ability to inspire and bring a whole new generation back into politics that's kept him in the news ever since and more recently brought him to the top of the polls. So Clinton was right to ask Ferraro to resign. If anyone in the Obama campaign says Clinton is where she is because she's a woman they ought to resign as well because these comments have no place in politics.

But she's resigned now and I bet Clinton is now hoping everyone starts to focus on the next primary in Pennsylvania. It will be a long month for both campaigns I'm sure and I imagine they are both just hoping for so major gaffe to change the outlook of this race, but right now I can bet Clinton wins Pennsylvania like she did in Ohio and that will be enough to convince her to stay until convention especially if Michigan and Florida get a re-vote because I imagine she will win there too. Still it's diificult for her to catch up to Obama in pledged delegates (but she may overtake him in overall delegates before the convention). But the framework of the race could change over the next month.

And oh yeah the Republican race....For those who believe it is extremely detrimnental to have the Republican race wrapped up so long before the Democratic one, I do think there may be somewhat of a siliver lining here. After all who paid attention to McCain's victory in Miss.? Who's getting more attention now by the media Hillary/Obama or McCain? Yes Hillary and Obama are still fighting each other rather than the real enemy for a few months longer but as a consolation it is keeping the focus squarely on the Democratic candidates so that whoever wins will have actually gotten more coverage over these past few months than McCain will have. All the while the Democratic candidates both know which Republican to attack and McCain has to focus his sights on both of them.

Anyways I hope something BIG happens in the next month or so in this race between now and Pennsylvania or the Chase for Change Series may have to take a little hiatus. Don't let me down guys!

So I imagine it will be back to solely focusing on Canadian politics again for the next while. So this blog will go back to its Roots!

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