Monday, March 24, 2008

Some takes on Recent News

---Conservative Priorities: Party Hard! Human Rights…leave it for the morning after...if there's time.

FYI: There is a rally on Parliament Hill this Saturday March 29 from 2-5 to encourage the release of Brenda Martin, who is being held in Mexico without charges.

----Being “disappointed” and “urging” for a judgment to be overturned is very weak language compared to “death by beading”, which is the sentence given to a Canadian in Saudi Arabia. Harper said his Conservative government would fight for Canadians’ lives who would be facing the death penalty from states which aren’t democratic or open. Well here is another opportunity for them to stand up for (Canadian) human rights. Let’s not let them forget about it.

----Don’t we have a right to know? Not disclosing this info could potentially be putting people in harm, including myself.

----Get to know some of the new MPPs

---I think this was a story with an unfortunate result. The police should not have shot the cow. Yes it’s a cow, but they shot it because they got impatient with it. The animal was loose due to human error, not cow error. It was scared and didn’t know better – and if you were in its hoofs you would be running around too. If that was a criminal on the run, that would never have happened, and if it did, there would be public outcry.

---You can bet this will be a case that will be used by those who think that signing an organ donor’s card will encourage their ‘early’ death.
Glad to see; however, that this is a story with a happy ending for this family, which is what any family in this situation would want.

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Scott Tribe said...

I can tell you people in this area ("this area" being rural farming country) were shaking their heads at the police being trigger-happy.

All they had to do was use some tranquilizer darts on the poor things. This was a case of overkill.

Rogue Medic said...

The organ donor story is just an example of horrible reporting.

No medical professional was quoted in the story.

They did the same thing last month - anything for a headline.