Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can the Cons Sink Any Lower?

Yes They Can! Just add one more serious investigation to the pile.

Ethics watchdog to probe Flaherty office contract

The federal ethics watchdog is investigating a sole-source contract Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's office awarded to a well-connected Conservative. Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson told Flaherty of the pending investigation in a letter Tuesday. Flaherty has admitted his office broke government contracting rules in hiring Hugh MacPhie to help write last year's budget speech and provide advice on how to sell the document. MacPhie, who had written speeches for former Ontario Tory premier Mike Harris, was awarded the $122,000 contract without tender. Treasury Board rules generally require a bidding process for contracts worth $25,000 or more.

So Flaherty kills the party in Ontario and now gets to be the next minister whose claims of being "holier than thou" proved to be a complete lie. I have little doubt there are many more Conservative scandals waiting to be uncovered, with this Government it's only a matter of time. They are well beyond 50 major scandals by this point, why not go for 100 or 200!

Which minister will be investigated next? The suspense is killing me.

It must be just so good to be a Tory these days....

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Northern PoV said...

it gets worse...
OTTAWA—Liberal Finance Critic John McCallum has formally called on the federal Ethics Commissioner to expand her investigation of Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to include the awarding of $320,000 worth of contracts to a single friend from his political past – not just the single $122,000 contract for a budget speech.

“When it was revealed that the Minister had issued one untendered contract in excess of $100,000, there was cause for concern,” said Mr. McCallum. “But when we see as many as eight contracts in just 11 months totalling more than $320,000 going to one individual with ties to a senior cabinet minister, we are way past simple concern.”

player_hater said...

Mr. Flaherty must think his is still in the Mike Harris Government where literally thousands of contracts were awarded with out tender and no work was done. They were only uncovered when they were defeated in 2003.