Saturday, April 26, 2008

Je Me Souviens

When I read stories like this (below), I do hope Quebecers (especially Quebec women) don't forget stories like this (“Harper and Dumont are playing political footsie”)

Once the rising star of Quebec politics, Mario Dumont's fortunes have fallen dramatically in recent weeks as the leader of the Action démocratique du Québec struggles to contain a series of damaging disclosures.
The latest came in a scathing letter of resignation on Sunday from a former member of the ADQ executive, Sylvie Tremblay, who said that she was the target of intimidation by an undemocratic party and disillusioned by Mr. Dumont's social policies, which would take women back 50 years.
"I hope the ADQ doesn't take power in the next election ... because the party scares me with respect to women's rights and the lack of democracy," Ms. Tremblay wrote in a bitter letter of resignation sent to the media.

Dumont's party is now firmly in last place in Quebec politics (down 12 points since September according to some polls) and frankly there are few politicians who deserved to have their star fall faster (I would rank Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Peter Van Loan, Pierre Poilievre, Gary Lunn and some other Conservative ahead of him though). Dumont has long been someone I have wanted to see fail and I am glad to see he is. However, we can't forget that Harper established close links to him when his star was rising and we can't let Harper off the hook for associating himself with such a dubious figure who really just symbolizes division and setting Quebec back in terms of diversity and gender equality. We need to keep the heat on the "In and Out" scandal, but Harper has many more skeletons in the closet that deserve attention in the media as well.

Couple this Harper-Dumont alliance with Harper's past musings and retractions on the Canadian Constitution, his dismal environmental plan, lack of concern for human rights (as the Afghan detainee scandal and their tacit support of the death penalty laid bare), and a long list of other scandals and one thing is clear: Les Quebecois ne peuvent pas avoir de confiance en Stephen Harper.

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