Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Conservatives Vote No Confidence in the Fabric of Our Democracy

This government has shown no respect for human rights, no respect for our civil servants, and now they give a formal declaration of non confidence in the organization that ensures our elections are free and fair?

I don't think anyone can underestimate the magnitude of this. The international community puts enormous faith in Elections Canada and we send their officials overseas to monitor elections in developing democracies. Elections Canada has an impeccable international reputation and yet our government formally impugns them?

What message does this give to the world? That the government no longer trusts Elections Canada to keep our elections free and fair? Stephen Harper has A LOT of questions to answer now and I request for the millionth time that the media do its job in holding Harper to account.

But regardless Harper should be ashamed of his government's unprecedented actions today. Before the Conservatives came to office Canada was seen as a world leader on human rights and its democratic institutions were revered. And now we have reports like this showing our reputation on human rights has dropped to historic lows and we have the government doing a deliberate hatchet job on our own democratic institutions in an attempt to bring them down to a similar lower level.

This is a disgrace and Canadians won't forget just how much damage this government has done to our reputation and institutions.

When you don't have faith in the very fabric of our democracy you don't deserve to govern it any longer.

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