Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Conservative Image Make-Over Won’t Fly

So the Conservatives have re-modeled their website so it’s no longer all negative-all the time. I guess they thought it was about time they started talking about the guy they wanted re-elected as PM. They've done their best to make Harper into such a nice, friendly, middle of the road guy, but unfortunately for them, everything he has done on record as PM is exactly the opposite of what they are trying to portray. This would be a good website if Stephen Harper were running the first time, but sorry this is not the Stephen Harper we all know. Will the “Liberal media” swallow it though? I know Warren has argued in the past that the media is itching for its revenge on Stephen Harper but so far I’ve seen NO evidence of that, in fact the opposite – when there are 4 polls out there this past week, with 3 favouring a Liberal victory, the media focuses on which one? Maybe they like having fights with Stephen Harper as PM and don't want a more open PM in Dion? We shall see once the writ drops how the coverage goes but if I had to bet now I’d say the media will be much more friendly to the Conservatives than the Liberals in the upcoming campaign.

At the least though I don’t think it’s too much to ask that media newspapers DO NOT accept letters to the editor that you can plug in for them that come directly from the new I guess if the other parties do the same thing during the writ it’s fair game, but so far I haven’t seen that, so I would hope newspapers would do the ethical thing here and not accept letters submitted directly from the Conservative website. I wonder if a single media outlet will report on this tactic of the Conservatives though. Regardless, in this election it will be up to Liberals to get the real story about the Conservatives through – Stephen Harper is NOT on your side. I know we will and the image make-over the Conservatives are trying to pull off just won't fly.

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Antonio said...

sounds like the title of this post should be

"Conservative Image Makeover Shouldn't Fly"

especially when you are arguing that the media and others so far are falling for it

Danielle Takacs said...

Read the last line of the post. All that matters is where things stand on Election Day, I think the image make-over will ultimately fail because it's so contrary to reality.