Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10X10 for Change, Part 3

I'll have a post up later on the Conservatives too little too late platform that surely will demonstrate that they don't really understand the Canadian economy, but for now he's another installment of why to cast for vote for the Liberals on October 14th.

Why Vote FOR the Liberal Party of Canada?
21) The Liberal Party has the strongest potential cabinet of any of the parties with front-bench experience that dwarfs the others
22) A Liberal government would fix the backlog in our immigration system and help ensure they succeed, without having to pick favourites and treat them like economic units
23) A Liberal government would do the most to help Canadians go Green in their homes (through financial support and Green mortgages)
24) A Liberal government would do the most to protect our natural resources and natural parks
25) A Liberal government would take greater efforts to ensure we have cleaner air, and continued fresh water supply
26) A Liberal government would hold an independent public inquiry into the listeriosis crisis and increasing funding for food safety inspection
27) A Liberal government would institute the first ever Commissioner for Gender Equality (as has been done in Australia, UK, and South Africa) to ensure all legislation is viewed with an equality lens
28) A Liberal government would restore the funding cut to Status of Women Canada and re-insert helping to achieve gender equality back into its mandate
29) A Liberal government will provide significant aid to the manufacturing sector during this difficult time with the Advanced Manufacturing Prosperity Fund
30) A Liberal government would get smart on crime by providing additional resources to the RCMP, creating a gun violence and gang prevention fund, banning military assault rifles, and improving the Youth Criminal Justice Act (following the recommendations of experts)

Why vote AGAINST Harper's Conservatives?
21) Conservatives would give Canada the weakest cabinet in history, even weaker than the one they had in the last Parliament with Emerson, Solberg and Hearn all not running again.
22) Conservatives are content to have the powers of the immigration system wielded by a single cabinet minister to decide which immigrants get favoured over others which won’t fix the backlog and flies in the face of the principles of fairness and equality on which our immigration system
23) Conservatives don’t make helping Canadians go green a priority even though if would save them money in the long run
24) A Liberal government would do the most to protect our natural resources and natural parks
25) Conservatives won’t commit to banning bulk water exports
26) Conservatives are only willing to hold a scaled-down closed door inquiry into the listeriosis outbreak that would pale into comparison to what was conducted for past epidemics. All the while their ministers have been AWOL in dealing with the crisis have been joking about the crisis as people died.
27) Conservatives oppose a Commissioner for Gender Equality because they seem to believe that gender equality has already been achieved despite all evidence to the contrary
28) Conservatives cut funding to Status of Women Canada which severely weakened its operation and forced 12 regional offices to close
29) Conservatives only believe in miniscule aid to the manufacturing sector and only then after months of pressure to do so. They don’t believe in it and can’t be trusted to follow through on what little they have promised.
30) The Conservatives approach to crime flies in the face of all evidence and advice from experts as to what actually works in preventing crime. In fact what they propose has failed in the United States and their youth justice proposals have already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada and fly in the face of international law.

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