Sunday, October 5, 2008

10X10 for Change, Part 2

The Liberals may be narrowing the gap on the Conservatives, but we can’t stop communicating why people should casting their votes for us at the polls. So as part 2 of this series here are 10 more reasons each (in no particular order) to vote FOR the Liberals and AGAINST the Conservatives in this election.

Why Vote FOR the Liberal Party of Canada?
11) The Liberals will provide continued support for InSite to save lives and combat drug addiction in Vancouver
12) The Liberals will provide an increase in the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors
13) The Liberals will provide the lowest income taxes of any party, encouraging work, investment and savings
14) The Liberals will provide the lowest corporate taxes of any party which will help get our economy moving again from its lowest productivity since 1991
15) The Liberals will restore the Court Challenges Program to protect minorities and disadvantaged groups in society
16) The Liberals will increase support for support for R&D to bring about the ideas of the future
17) The Liberals will increase support and funding to arts and culture which will pay large economic dividends in return
18) The Liberals will re-establish the $3 billion contingency reserve than Jim Flaherty did away with so Canada is prepared to cope with economic downturns without going into deficit
19) The Liberals will defend Canadians’ human rights everywhere and will oppose the death penalty in ALL circumstances
20) The Liberals will restore Canada’s proud tradition of having an independent, principled foreign policy

Why Vote AGAINST Stephen Harper’s Conservatives?
11) Conservatives want to close Insite despite all evidence that it works and saves lives
12) Conservatives destroyed the savings of seniors across the country with their broken promise on income trusts
13) Conservatives cut the GST instead of income taxes at zero net benefit for the economy. They can’t be trusted to manage the economy any further.
14) Conservatives let big polluters off the hook by using intensity rather than absolute targets in their environmental “plan”. Greenhouse gas emissions will continue to rise as a result.
15) Conservatives gutted the Court Challenges program leaving many groups powerless to challenge laws that might infringe on their Charter rights.
16) Conservatives have not seen the value of major investments in R&D.
17) Cuts to arts and culture and referring to artists (who have an average salary of $23,000) as a bunch of elitist spoiled whiners. Harper doesn’t understand how this industry contributes to our economy and has no desire to see Canadian culture promoted abroad.
18) The abolishment of the $3 billion contingency reserve to manage to economic hard times. As a result Canada was in deficit in the first two quarters of this year and is still perilously close as fears of a recession mount.
19) Harper’s refusal to opposte the death penalty for Canadians abroad, making us the ONLY western nation in the world with this policy.
20) A foreign policy that always seems to take cues from elsewhere and that has left our world standing never lower.

Part 1 of this series

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