Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Support Stephane Dion for Liberal Leader

I support a leader who after 150 years of negligence, has vowed to become personally involved in native land claims issues. That's leadership. I will not be bullied by a so-called leader who has not only done nothing on the issue, but has chosen not to mention it either.

I support a leader who made post secondary education and funding a greater priority than ever before. I will not be misled by a so-called leader who doesn't even mention students in his platform.

I support a leader who, perhaps to hid own self detriment, fought for all political voices to be heard. That's true leadership. I will not be taken in by a selfish or controlling so-called leader.

I support a leader finally willing to tackle the shame of child poverty. I don't want to see us do the bidding of a man for whom poverty is a foreign word.

I support a leader willing to give us the best environmental policy for our country and the world instead of something that won't work but just happens to be more politically expedient. I'll support such a politician with such principles any day against a so called leader who has none.

I support a leader who surpassed the challenge to run 1/3 female candidates and wants gender equality assured. That's leadership. As a woman, I will not used or fooled by a man who ignores the fact that equality doesn't yet exist in this country.

As a woman I know leadership and leadership characteristics come in different ways, and sometimes unconventional leadership is brushed aside. But the Blue war room and a blood thirsty media do not deserve to get what they want.

I support a man who, from day one of becoming leader, faced character assassination but handled himself with (omg surprise!)dignity. Who brought forth (costed, fair) plans he truly believes in for our country, economy and is/was a chance for us to be positively awed and influential again by the world.

I support the leader, our
Liberal leader, Stephane Dion, who would, and could still, be a PM all Canadians could be proud of.

He has A LOT of work to do rebuild the party but I hope he realizes there a lot more Liberals than the media let's on who want him to continue on the job. We want to build back up the party together not fight amongst ourselves.We want Dion to rebuild and renew, not a leadership race.

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Lola Smiles said...

well said.
I hope DION stays on too.

Dr. Tux said...

Here, Here!!!

penlan said...

Well said Danielle!

Mutton Chops said...

I hope he stays on too.

Conservative Guy

harpy said...

I changed from an NDP supporter to a liberal supporter because of Stephane Dion. I think with a little more exposure to him that canadians will see that Dion is not some "weak" leader, but someone with a vision for Canada, someone who wants to make Canada a country that is respected throughout the world again.