Thursday, March 13, 2008

My quirks, and I challenge Kinsella (Ok So He Sensed 2.5 Weeks Ago I would Challenge Him)

So I was challenged by Scott Tribe to list six of my quirks/habits etc. I had some difficulty identifying any - I'm probably pretty boring. But below you'll find what I could find.

And I'd like to challenge Warren Kinsella to do the same, as we in the blosphere are passing this around (we'll see if he's up for the challenge!).

1) I like eating popcorn in a bowl of Coke

2) I’m fascinated with the Titanic. I want to re-create the Grand Stair case in my ‘dream home’

3) I don’t drink coffee but I like the smell of it

4) I’m very particular about the types of green vegetables and seafood that I eat. For the record, the more colourful the vegetables are, the more I like them (as long as they're not green, but lettuce is fine) and I only eat "meaty" white fish and salmon.

5) I have quite a long full name: Danielle Norma Berniece Mary Angelina Takacs. I believe my parents didn't want to hurt any of my family's feelings

6) I once almost choked to death. Cheeseburger + Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was not a good combination for me

UPDATE: shucks...seems like Kinsella was ahead of most of us on this...but on that note I too am a HUGE Trekkie! TNG rules! I have some action figures still in their original box just to stare at, as they are not toys. At one point in my life I also wanted my wedding dinnerware set to be the Enterprise's fine china that they serve dinner on to their galactic Ambassadors. And as a further testament of my Titanic love, I have the complete re-created dinner sets of all three classes on the Titanic. Cost me a pretty penny but I love it.

And I too do not fear death, but I fear how I will die.

Ok so that was a bit of a tangent there but those are just some more interesting facts about me you have all learned now.

Has CalgaryGrit done this yet, if not...he's it.

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Scott Tribe said...

That #1 is DEFINITELY a quirky quirk.

BTW. not to wreck your challenge, but WK has already participated in this meme.

Warren said...

I did! Sorry.

calgarygrit said...

I think a good 95% of bloggers could be considered at least quasi-trekkies...I just bought the box set a few weeks ago.

I'm generally not a huge fan of memes, but I may do this one, if I can think up some interesting non-political facts.

Scott Tribe said...

C'mon Dan... it doesn't even HAVE to be interesting. Just quirks or unimportant facts about yourself or some habits. How hard can that be? :)