Sunday, June 8, 2008

Conservative Party of Canada: Lying and Proud of It!

So when B.C. implements a revenue neutral tax shift John Baird goes to pains to say its not at odds with what the federal government is doing and says the tax shift “works for British Columbia”, but when Stephane Dion proposes something similar (and in a way that doesn’t add any new gas taxes unlike Campbell), it’s all a TAX TRICK! It’s a TAX ON EVERYTHING! You can’t walk across the street anymore without evil Stephane Dion taxing you for it if he had his way. I’m curious how a tax on EVERYTHING would really work, I hope to hear more.

Seriously they can’t even attack this without resorting to outlandish lies. This will work well in the debates I’m sure.

Then there is the timeline of "dirty tricks":
- 1917: Income taxes instituted. What a dirty trick let’s abolish them! Yet you raised them in your first budget and right now they sit exactly where they were when you came into office.
- 1932: Gas taxes instituted. Let’s abolish them! Oh wait you said you’d keep them as they are and they were important for funding infrastructure.
- 1941: Employment insurance instituted. Let’s abolish that too! Seriously though they are criticizing the EI surplus at the SAME TIME as they are DEFENDING it before the Supreme Court of Canada. If the Government of Canada lost that case it could owe as much $55 Billion: plunging Canada far into debt. Great way to undermine your own case Conservative Party!
- 1991: The GST! The people who put that into place were such liars! Oh wait a minute.... And every living breathing economist (including Stephen Harper privately I’m sure) agrees it is better to cut income taxes than the GST.
- 2004: The McGuinty health tax! Perhaps they should have mentioned that it was thanks to the likes of Baird, Flaherty and Clement that it was necessary and McGuinty won a larger majority after putting it in place.
- 2008: Gordon Campbell institutes a revenue neutral carbon tax in BC. Income taxes are cut to offset new taxes on carbon emissions. Plan receives widespread approval from economists, environmentalists, and even from the federal government.

Oh that last one wasn’t there? Curious that they felt the need to include McGuinty’s health tax and attack Ontario again but wouldn’t include Gordon Campbell’s filthy “tax trick”. I wonder why? Is it because this entire campaign is predicated on a lie? British Columbians know at least first hand that a revenue neutral tax shift can work and even Conservatives like John Baird gave faint praise to it. But these Conservatives have never been consistent, they’ve always been about just mindless attacks.

By the time the election actually comes (I think we can win now, but I think Liberals will wait till the fall and will win then) Conservatives will have thrown everything they had at this away and will have nothing left for the campaign.

Once Dion actually reveals his plan the Conservatives will be exposed as nothing but a party that wasted millions on a bunch of lies and juvenile attacks.

I’m still waiting on that first positive ad two and a half years later….You’d think a real leader could come up with something positive to say about himself by now don’t you?

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Drew Adamick said...

Uh, Danielle, not to rain in on your parade here, but I'd wait until next May (the BC provincial election) to see the aftereffects of the BC carbon tax. The Carbon tax is not as popular as the media plays it out to be (municipalities have great concerns about the "revenue neutrality", as they may have to raise property taxes and/or cut services to deal with rising costs, not only for carbon emissions, but for retrofitting municipal infrastructure to be carbon-neutral). It is deeply unpopular in the North (where a great deal of BC Liberal seats and important cabinet ministers are). That combined with the fiasco on third-party election financing, mill closures, could mean that the NDP (if they get their act together) could make some pretty good gains at Liberal expense. The Greens could also stand to pick up as well.