Thursday, June 19, 2008

Real Leadership: Stephane Dion

Today we will see what it means to be a real leader willing to bring our country to where it needs to be to meet the challenges we face.

Real leadership means the willingness to enact sound policy NOW, not at a more political convenient time (that will NEVER come) that the punditry thinks you should wait for.

Real leadership means balancing social justice, the economy and the environment, not pitting them against each other. The most prosperous countries that will be respected the world over will be those that see these as complementary.

Real leadership means telling the truth about where you stand and why we need go there instead of engaging in sound bites and fear-mongering because you're not willing to take any meaningful action.

Real leadersihp means taking on our most pressing challenges yourself rather than taking the easy road and leaving it for future governments to pass the buck as well.

Real leadership involves putting forth an environmental and economic plan that has support across party lines and is endorsed as sound policy by virtually anyone who doesn't have a political interest against it being put into place. One that combats poverty, enhances investment and productivity and helps make a Canada a world leader and role model to be followed on the environment.

Today we will see Stephane Dion embody real leadership and it will be clear from the response of the other parties that only Dion possesses it among the party leaders and is Dion is the only one willing to take Canada forward to be a world leader in the 21st century.

Stephane Dion is a leader not content to take the easy focus-group divisive approach or what the pundits think is "safe", but one who won't abandon our future generations, won't abandon the poor, won't abandon what's best for our economy, and won't abandon Canada's reputation on the world stage. His proposals today will show that he is the Prime Minister Canada NEEDS at this time in our history.

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