Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conservatives Are Toxic for the Environment

The Conservatives have never shown any interest in doing anything meaningful about protecting our environment, with their do-nothing environmental plan that was panned by every independent group and now they are enacting policies that will decimate our waters with their designation of 16 lakes across Canada as "Schedule 2" toxic waste dumps. And what about the ducks? The people carrying on the campaign so that the 500 that died at a toxic pond didn't die in vain, better continue their campaign because despite Harper calling that a national tragedy , his government's latest actions indicate the Conservative party doesn't really care about them, our water (that we drink and swim in) or really our natural environmental at all for that matter. Some "made in Canada" solution. Oily the Conservative Party environmental spokesman tells us all about it above.

How can anyone take these guys seriously when they claim to care about the environment? All they care about is votes and trying to lie, deceive and fear-monger as much as possible to keep power. No one should be of any illusions as to otherwise.

So the contrast will be clear when the Carbon-shift plan is released, a bold environment initiative taking the action we need to be a world leader on climate change and protecting our environment at home versus a party that is content in to be in last place on the world's most pressing issue while making our lakes a toxic waste dump at home. The best choice for the future of our country is becoming more clear by the day...

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good boogin', Danielle. Not enough folks is payin' attention to this anti-Earth payoff.

As far as the tax-shift goes, a tax shift alone doesn't do a whole lot. It encourages lower CO2 outputs but the shift doesn't change environmental policy or spending allocations. For that, we need a corollary spending-shift. We haven't heard anything about Dion incorporating a comprehensive spending shift in his Green Plan. Hard enough to explain the tax-shft, I reckon.