Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Weak Hand on Full Display

What does it say when the two main highlights of Harper's mini-shuffle include promoting the unelected Fortier and officially re-affirming in Foreign Affairs Emerson who could have never been elected as a Conservative? It's a real victory for democracy for sure, but it seems obvious Harper has little faith in his team that was elected in the last election. It's laid out pretty clear when Harper could not find a single person to fill the Secretary of State for Agriculture post and took the unprecedented step (has this ever happened before?) of leaving Christian Paradis in the junior portfolio while also giving him Public Works. Some real front bench strength here that's for sure.

Other thoughts:
- The war on Ontario and the environment continues as Flaherty and Baird stay in place. Good for the Liberals, but very bad for Canada and our reputation.
- James Moore's curse was finally broken. He's done an atrocious job as the Cadman spokesperson, but few can deny that he's not at least as qualified as some of the people who were already in cabinet.
- I know people have said Fortier is qualified for International Trade but shouldn't you only get a promotion in a job if you did well before? Who thinks Fortier was a solid Public Works Minister?
- Gerald Keddy is going to be pretty busy in the fall in the House as Parliamentary Secretary to Fortier. Does Keddy speak French? If not, who answer the French questions? I guess Peter Van Loan answers all the questions anyway...
-Harper has still done nothing to elevate any women in cabinet continuing to show he doesn't care about women's issues or gender equality. Very sad.

All in all the weakest cabinet in history lead by a PM cowering from debating the issues is what Canadians saw on display yesterday and seems to be what they'll be seeing all summer.

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