Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harper's Message to Canadians Today

So here we go! Two weeks ago I said if Stephen Harper called an election before the by-elections took place, it would signify several things to the Canadian people. Today, I don't think anyone would disagree that this was Harper's message with today's election call:
A) He knew his party was going to lose badly in all 4 by-elections
B) He knew the Liberals were going to win all 4 by-elections and get strong momentum out of them
C) He has NO regard for the views of the people in the ridings where by-elections were scheduled. I'm still waiting to hear a single justification for why he called that by-election in Don Valley West, not to mention waited till the VERY last minute to call the general election. Surely we should ask a PM to have made up his mind about an election call sooner though I guess it’s not easy for Harper to make priorities.
D) He has NO regard for taxpayer money whatsoever. MILLIONS of dollars wasted on four by-elections. not to mention all the money that went into drafting and passing Harper's own fixed elections bill that he will be showing to have been useless. In such tough economic times Harper would be showing he could care less about wasting taxpayer funds. No matter that the money could have gone to crucial priorities - all that matters is serving his partisan interests. This is NOT someone who should be in charge of our economy any longer.
E) He is fine with going into an election with his word meaning ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Harper specifically promised to take away the advantages of the PM to call an election at a time of his/her choosing and leave the decision of whether to go before 4 years up to Parliament. Add to that to the incredibly long list of other lies Harper has told, but this one would DEFINITELY be an election issue Harper would have to answer for. How can he trusted with ANY of his promises in a campaign when he has broken others so blatantly? Dion certainly doesn't have that kind of reputation (even Layton has praised him as an honest principled man) so it will be a great contrast.

The last two will be will definitely be lasting issues in this campaign that Harper can't escape from. In the end it's Harper's choice to give these messages to Canadians.

By contrast, the Liberals have the leader, the team and the vision to bring Canada in the right direction and we'll get that message across well between now and October 14th. Harper will be resorting to scare tactics and deception throughout, but if all Liberals work hard during this campaign we can give Canadians a richer, greener and fairer Canada that they deserve!

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penlan said...

Excellent on all points! That Harper states he expects a minority at the end of this election negates his "dysfunctional govt." statements. How will another minority govt. be any different? Unless it's a Lib minority there will be no change. Just a tremendous waste of taxpayer's money & time, energy, etc. of everyone working the campaign.

Anonymous said...

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