Monday, September 8, 2008

Stéphane Dion Portrays Positive Vision for the Country in English AND French Ads

NOTE: This was up for a few minutes last night until I realized none of the videos were working properly.

Most people have focused on the English ad, but The Libereals released a number of French ads as well. This one above on Arts and Culture is the most hard hitting and this may prove to be a sleeper issue in Quebec. I can't claim to be an expert on Quebec politics, but I think if any of these French ads will get people talking it's this one.

I've embedded the other French ads and the English ad below. I think they are all pretty well done. The English ad hammers home the main benefits of the Green Shift very succinctly. You will never sell it to people who don't believe in climate change but I think the ad would score well with at least 50-60% of the population, if not more. Dion CAN sell the Green Shift well outside of Quebec and this is a good start.

The French ads go into more detail beyond the Green Shift so that's good because the Green Shift is already most popular in Quebec and Harper is much more vulnerable on poverty, culture, and foreign policy there. All of those issues get covered in the different French ads which also feature different Quebec candidates in each ad along with Rae and Ignatieff in addition to Dion. Despite the names of the ads, each of the ones below cover more than one topic. I'm glad to see the party is putting a heavy focus on picking up seats in la Belle Province. I'm curious what kind of grade other Liberals would give to these French ads (Calgary Grit, will you include these in your ad series? :))

Ad: Emplois

Ad: Pauvreté

Ad: Fiscalité

Ad: Le Canada et le Monde

Ad: The Green Shift

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