Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canada NEEDS a NEW Prime Minister

One of the fundamental issues in this campaign is trust. Stéphane Dion has been a man of integrity throughout his career and ALL the party leaders have attested to this. Stephen Harper by contrast has been one of the most deceitful Prime Ministers in history. So it should be no problem for all of us to go along with this request and remind Canadians today about all the reasons we can’t trust Stephen Harper. Here is just a small list:
- The gutting of their own Accountability Act and breaking his promises on Access to Information.
- His continued misleading of Canadians with regard to the Afghan detainee torture scandal and repeated attempts to block any investigation of this file that.
- Saying he would listen to the experts in informing his policy and instead censoring Government scientists to ensure only the “party line” gets heard.
- Saying he could "take a punch" and instead firing independent regulators (like Linda Keen) for doing their jobs. Critics of Harper's policies have a hard time staying employed under his watch.
- Saying Canada would be “second to none” on human rights under his watch but instead he endorsed the Death penalty and Canada has gone from a leader to a pariah on human rights.
- Saying he would put out a real environmental plan, but instead releasing one that was slammed by every independent group. See here, here, here, here.
- Saying he would fight for our forestry workers and get back the $5 billion they were owed, but instead caving to the Americans for a weak deal that broke his promise.
- Saying he was against Prime Minister's calling elections for their own partisan benefit and even passing legslation to enshrine that principle, only to turn around and spit on his own legislation when it suited him.
- Saying he cared about women’s issues, but instead slashed funding to Status of Women, weakened their mandate and has shown an APPALLING commitment to running female candidates.
- Saying he would safeguard taxpayer's money and instead squandered a massive surplus and put us in deficit for the first two months of this year.
- Saying he would help the plight of Aboriginals, but he tore up Kelowna and failed to institute a meaningful replacement.
- Saying he wanted Parliament to work and instead creating a manual manual on how to disrupt committees which Conservatives used to block any investigation of the Cadman affair (where Conservatives stand accused of bribing an MP) and the “In and Outscandal (where Conservatives stand accused of breaking elections law). It won’t stop those two scandals from coming up in the campaign I’m afraid Mr. Harper.

And THIS is the just the short-list! Conservatives don’t want Canadians to remember their promises from the last election, so all links to their platform have disappeared from their website, but you can still get it right HERE. There are probably at least 100 broken promises to be found!

Stephen Harper says we would get certainty by re-electing him and I guess he's right we'd certainly get more broken promises, complete economic mismanagement and dozens more disappointments at home and abroad. The media definitely won’t do its job in this election so it will be up to progressives (yes that includes the Greens and NDP) to get the message out about how this man CANNOT be trusted with another mandate.

Too much is at stake, we need a Prime Minister that you can trust and that cares about progressive issues NOW! Thankfully we have that in Stéphane Dion.

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Carrie said...

Excellent post!!! This should stay at the top of Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs for days.

Great job. And thank you :)

BlastFurnace said...

You ripped the words right out of my mouth, Danielle! I think Dion's confab this morning puts him off to a good start as well.

Tootrusting said...
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Tootrusting said...

Brilliant, I'm going to put up a link to this post to this on my site.