Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Green Shift Carries On As Planned

So I know the media like sensational stories and all, but really the new benefits for farmers, truckers, and fishermen are exactly in line with Dion said he was going to do - he said he would consult with Canadians over the summer. In fact before publishing such stories perhaps members of the media could look at the plan itself and see that these benefits are actually allowed for right in the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. It says on p.38-39:
Contingency offset
We will set aside $1 billion over four years ($100 million in the first year growing to $400 million in the fourth year) which will be reserved for tax cuts designed to off-set the impact of the carbon tax on groups such as not-for-profit organizations and charities. This contingency offset will also be used to design tax relief to address unanticipated and unavoidable costs associated with the new price on carbon for the most vulnerable in society.

So the plan remains just as solid as before, backed by environmentalists on the left and economists on the right – any sensible analysis says it is the approach we need for the environment and the economy. And the plan has been improved based on consultations with Canadians. That IS the leadership we need for Canada.

UPDATE: Jason, Jeff, and Big City Lib also have thoughts on this

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Christian Conservative said...

Try re-reading that part of your plan... "on groups such as not-for-profit organizations and charities", "for the most vulnerable in society"

I fail to see how for-profit "truckers" or "farmers" fall into either of those catagories. But hey, go ahead, attempt to cover for your "leader" all you want.

Besides... the $100,000,000 he's planning to set aside in the first year isn't going to even come CLOSE to the increase in costs that average Canadians will face.

Jason Hickman said...

I fail to see how for-profit "truckers" or "farmers" fall into either of those catagories ["charities" or "most vulnerable"]

Well, if the Shift ever goes through, they may fall neatly into the latter catagory...

Danielle Takacs said...

It obviously allows for unanticipated costs and helping the most vulnerable so the help to farmers, truckers and so on is easily allowed for in the plan.

CC - of course the extra money on its OWN is not sufficient, but how convenient of you to forget about the income tax cuts, the rural tax credit, the northern tax credit, the child credit, the increase in the GIS and so on. All those together combined with these new measures will be effective in making up the shortfall of any increased costs. I'm sure Conservatives will continue to pretend throughout the campaign these measures aren't in the Greenn Shift plan though.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Gee CC, I didn't know the Conservatives hate farmers. I'll be sure to spread that word on the prairies.

Oh, and Jason, as you well know the Conservative plan will also substantially increase costs for farmers, truckers, and all Canadians. The only difference is, the Conservative plan will leave them to bare the increased cost on their own, while the Liberal plan includes tax breaks and assistance.

Who would have thought the Conservatives were opposed to farmers AND tax cuts? You guys are breaking new ground all over the place. Next thing you'll double funding for the CBC or something...

Jason Hickman said...

Actually, funding for the CBC *is* up (I think - or it could be funding for the arts in general. I saw something about it in the papers when the whole Tories-knifing-culture meme first broke out). And now I hear (via ALW's blog) that the feds are going to fund Ford.

Man, things are just going in all directions here...

As for the GS plan, people like farmers & fishermen could be getting it in the neck twice over: first, the direct taxation cost, and second, the overall increase in carbon pricing that would follow if the plan works as it should. And I'm not sure how many of them would benefit from the income tax credits or other tax-cuts you've mentioned.

And since we're on the topic, what happens if the GS is implimented and works exactly as intended, i.e., carbon levels drop to acceptable levels. Do the income tax cuts, etc get reversed, to take into account the declining "carbon revenues"? If not, how are those revenues made up?

As you can see, snarky comments from people like me aside, there are still a lot of questions regarding the GS plan. Dion's going to have his hands full selling it, especially if he does make changes to it on the fly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the liberals should have just said you'll have to wait till after the election for the details.

That apparently is the conservative strategy THOUGH THEY"VE BEEN IN POWER FOR 2 1/2 YEARS!

What a crock.