Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harper Cozying Up to the ADQ Again

It would seem Harper is content to play footsie again with a very regressive party now in distant last place in Quebec

Mr. Dumont's right-hand man in the National Assembly, MNA and House Leader Sébastien Proulx, is scheduled to announce on Wednesday that he is behind the Conservative candidate in his provincial riding of Trois-Rivières.....There were a number of prominent ADQ members in Saint-Eustache when Mr. Harper announced that the city's mayor and long-time ADQ supporter, Claude Carignan, was running for the party in that riding on Oct. 14.

I note there is no mention of provincial Liberal involvement helping Conservatives, I wonder what Charest thinks of all this? Why is Harper associating with a party who will likely be trounced by Charest in the next Quebec election?

Given that the ADQ numbers are in the low teens in Quebec in the last few polls I've seen, I don't see the harm in the Liberals making more of the Harper-ADQ association. After all, the ADQ's stands on immigration and women are pretty appalling and Harper seems to have no problems working closely with them nonetheless.

We'll see what the Liberals do, but for now, if Harper hasn't realized Dumont and his party's ship has sailed yet in Quebec that's fine by me.

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Antonio said...

The issue Danielle is that outside of Montreal and especially in Quebec City, the PLQ voters are endorsing harper as well

That is the concern with the potential big numbers in terms of seats. He can get as little as 15 and as much as 50.

The BQ has never and I mean NEVER gone up during an elcetion campaign and the Bloc is starting out at under 50% in even their most sovereigntist ridings.

If the federalist vote rallies, the BQ could be completely decimated on October 14th.

It is about Quebecers choosing their poison at this point...

Danielle Takacs said...

Well what I find curious is that despite the fact that the PLQ is far more popular than the ADQ, Harper seems to associate predominantly with ADQ stalwarts by choice nonetheless.

There's no mention of PLQ involvement at all in that article, which I think says something about Harper's politics and shows Charest could obviously never trust him. We'll see how things progress over the next few weeks though...

Antonio said...

The PLQ have always said they will support the federalist with the best chance, which, if youve seen the recent polls, there are not many BQ Lib races outside the montreal area.

Nobody else in rural quebec crosses 15% ofthe vote.

thats why its understated, but the PLQ-ADQ combined vote in Quebec is nearing 60%. Thats why duceppe is shitting his pants