Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Canada Halts Transfers of Afghan Prisoners: Will the Conservatives Finally Admit They Were Wrong and Apologize?

Well, well. It seems after all the bluster that there couldn't be any torture going on, that anyone who said there could be was a Taliban lover, and that Canada could not possibly stop transferring prisoners to Afghan custody (Dion was told he was crazy for even suggesting the Conservatives look into other options), well I guess a certain government wasn't being very honest:

The Harper government quietly stopped transferring prisoners into Afghan custody months ago after compelling evidence of torture was discovered, the government admitted Wednesday on the eve of a federal court hearing.

Surely now the army of Conservative supporters who derided any suggestion of there being torture going on in Afghanistan will line up now to correct themselves and apologize to Stephane Dion and others who have been calling the government on this issue for almost a year now.

Surely Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper and Gordon O'Connor will also line up to admit they were wrong to make misleading claims in the House and to impugn Stephane Dion's character for raising this issue.

Though there remains a real question now, just what is being done with the prisoners if they aren't being handed over to Afghanistan authorities? After so much obfuscation from this government, Canadians deserve answers and an apology for such horrible mismanagment of an issue that has given Canada a black eye on the world stage.

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