Saturday, January 12, 2008

John Tory Seems to Have to Lost His Mind

Just quickly saw John Tory on Focus Ontario. He actually said that 50% +1 for his leadership review would be sufficient to carry on as leader. Even when prodded, he kept saying "the constitution of the party is very clear".

Has any Canadian leader in history ever stayed on with any less than 60% (never the mind the many that resigned with just under 80%)? Has any Canadian leader ever set the bar any lower?

Is John Tory losing his mind?

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Time for mutiny!

Blue Machine said...

Governments can rule in a majority position with 40% or less of the popular vote, but leadership contests must attain a higher threshold than 50% plus one?

Give your head a shake and try to walk away gracefully after the convention if you can. If not, go join another Party!!

Danielle Takacs said...

Blue Machine: Without a solid majority of your own party behind you can't win an election plain and simple.

That's why every single leader in Canadian history of all political parties has resigned if they ever got less than 60% on a leadership review (correct me if I'm wrong).

Blue Machine said...

There is a first time for everything and this may be the time to change history. The right wing neo-cons need to to be ushered out and if this is way, then so be it.

And I don't believe that he will will get less than 60%!

phil said...

Well Blue Machine, you are plain evidence of everything wrong with the PC's right now. The "Red" Liberal-lite platform was a disaster (again) and instead of working towards bringing back the large segment left out by "Tory's Team", you say they're better gone! That's the same type of thinking that split the federal right and gave the Liberals a free pass for too long.

The lefties in the PC party don't want to share "their" marbles, and it's a guarantee that the right WILL leave, form an opposition party, and eventually swallow up a meaningless PC shell.

The "Blue" conservatives your type keep sneering at ARE the party, and while you scrabble trying to get Toronto votes doing the same old-same old, we'll win the rest of the province and then government.

Your thinking sounds like your "Promised One's" thinking. Enjoy the dead end path you seem to enjoy.

Two-thirds and Tory can survive with a lot of fence-mending and major changes in direction.

60%?? Boy whatever you're on, I want some!!!!

By the way, what are you going to think if he polls in the 40's or lower, that the voters are wrong AGAIN???