Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Predictions

Here are my predictions for tonight's primaries down South in New Hampshire:

On the Democratic side:
Obama: 39%
Clinton: 35%
Edwards: 20%
Richardson: 6%
Others: Less than 1%

On the Republican side:
McCain: 37%
Romney: 30%
Huckabee: 13%
Giuliani: 10%
Paul: 6%
Thompson: 4%
Others: Less than 1%

We will see if I can do better than my predictions for the Ontario Election!

If these results pan out, Obama becomes the huge front-runner in the democratic race and it will be a tough road for Hillary and Edwads. They will need some big wins in the south and will have to hope for a miracle on Super Tuesday Feb. 5th. Obama will be tough to beat though if he takes New Hampshire and South Carolina (which looks likely right now). Edwards would stand a better shot than Hillary though at becoming the Anyone but Obama candidate.

For the Republicans, McCain becomes the establishment candidate and slight front-runner for that race. South Carolina and Florida will be key though for determining whether Huckabee or Giuliani can get back the big mo and win the nom for the Republicans. Romney I think will be finished and Thompson and Paul already were. That race though is likely to be settled after the Democratic one (unless Edwards or Hillary find some way to get back momentum and win big on Super Tuesday).

Be back tonight after the results are in!

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