Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bill C-10: Conservatives War Against Reason and Common Sense Continues

If the Conservatives think Charles McVety's bill should be a confidence motion, what does it say when the minister who would be in charge of implementing these over the top measures is said to "hate the bill"?

Is Charles McVety that important to this government that they want an election over his cherished bill that he hopes will end the production of all films he personally deems immoral? Does he have that much clout with the Conservative Party?

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don's hottie said...

Encourage your party not to support the Bill.

Danielle, encourage Dion and the Liberal Party to vote against this terrible Bill.

We both know they won't, they don't have the courage to stand up and be heard.

My guess is they're just not that outraged.

That's too bad.

wilson said...

Dion's Liberals, Dippers and the Bloc already voted in SUPPORT of this bill,
it is in the Senate now.

You don't have to be a religious fanatic to think that there is no artistic merit in pornography, violence and hate toward a specific group.
This bill does not stop the production of accessive violent/hate message/pornography,
such films will simply not have taxpayers shelling out our hard earned money funding them.

But nothing is stopping you gals from sending your own money to the film industry for a full tax credit.

Danielle Takacs said...

What Conservatives tend to ignore is that there's a very reasonable possibility that films that have already been made and acclaimed like "Away from Her" and "Crash" would never have been made if this bill had been law at the time of their production. If a bill prevents such films from being made then it’s creating a self-imposed censorship. The bill just has so many flaws and vagueries that were exposed in the Senate that it's no wonder Minister Verner hates it.

Conservatives like to quibble about what is and is not censorship - they claim that these people can still make these movies without the money. First of all that's not true some film makers couldn't afford it without the tax credit. Secondly, this bill has a double standard for American productions. And third, imagine if the government said "we will deny all funding to the CBC if they ever criticize the government" would Conservatives still say that wouldn't be censorship either? Relative to the status quo it certainly sounds a lot like censorship if you are putting productions out of business because of what they say.

Given that Conservatives seem unable to address these concerns and given that the Minister Verner has been said to hate this bill it is absolutely insane for the Conservatives to say they will accept ZERO amendments to this bill or else they want an election over it.

Christian Conservative said...

Typical Liberal... trying to slander Conservatives by linking us to the likes of Charles McVety.

Believe me... he DOESN'T have any clout in the Party.

Just because you say he does, doesn't make it so.

Danielle Takacs said...

CC, I might remind you that it's McVety himself who has claimed to hold clout with the Conservatives and has claimed credit for helping to shape Bill C-10: