Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Conservatives Come to Grips with the Damage They've Done to Canada's International Reputation

The Conservatives have done so much damage to our international reputation on issues like human rights and climate change that Stephen Harper seems to expect we would lose to Portugal in the bid for the next seat on the UN Security Council. So they are considering pulling us out of the race I'm sure a Liberal government would have won.

Canada is back alright....

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Lizt. said...

I do not think Harper would try, as Portugal would not be the reason, and he knows it.
The Government is not liked by Europe, because of Harper's stand on the environment... wouldn't stand a chance with many of them. I still think they should try.

Jay said...

Or that under the cons aid has dwindled for the African countries that have a vote as well, nor will the Middle Eastern countries who also have a vote.

Harper has tattered our honest broker image.

James Bowie said...

Canada was fun while it lasted eh?