Monday, May 5, 2008

In and Out Grows More Scandalous By the Day

So if these were local ads then why (as was reported in Le Devoir and then by Paul Wells) do we keep getting more evidence that all the decisions regarding the transactions were being made by the national campaign without consulting the local ridings themselves? The Cons seemed to just have no regard for the national spending limit or the concerns of their local candidates.

Not to mention that there are now suspicions that another “In and Out” operation may have been done with the Cons polling as well.

What will be Pierre Poilievre’s response to all this?

Given that all the Con talking points have been completely shot down one by one, maybe finally we’ve gotten to the point where all he can say is “no comment”.

Then again, it certainly doesn’t hurt the Liberal cause whenever he opens his mouth :)

Maybe they should just get MP Mike Wallace as their new spokesman, clearly he's been paying close attention these past two years (as evidenced by his comment "We have been running a solid clean proactive government since we were elected in January 2006" (h/t BC'er)). I think we might all appreciate someone even more delusional than Pierre in charge of Conservative communications.

At the least I hope the English language media does their job and picks up on how much worse the "In and Out" scandal is getting, not to mention all the other scandals Harper and the Cons are embroiled in.

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