Monday, May 19, 2008

Environmentalists Lining Up Behind Liberal Environmental Plan

When I wrote about how the NDP were throwing in the towel on having the most broad-ranging and effective plan for decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions some NDP supporters commented there was no way environmentalists like David Suzuki would be supporting the Liberal plan over the NDP one. Well suffice it to say I am glad to see we have the first of what I expect will be many highly respected environmentalists endorsing the Liberal approach and slamming the NDP for failing to take the bold action we need.

Suzuki slams NDP, Tories, backs Dion's carbon tax

Famed environmentalist David Suzuki has strongly backed Liberal leader Stephane Dion's emerging carbon tax plan and slammed the NDP and Conservatives.

After hearing the NDP's criticism of Dion's plan, Suzuki said: "I'm really shocked with the NDP with this. I thought that they had a very progressive environmental oppose (the carbon tax plan), its just nonsense. It's certainly the way we got to go"

Now David Suzuki is not just one of the most respected environmental scientists in the country (even John Baird made a point of calling him right after being appointed as Environment Minister), but he's also been strongly supportive of the NDP over the years, particularly on environmental policy. As I noted before, when David Suzuki came to speak at the University of Toronto a few years ago, the event was even sponsored by Jack Layton's NDP, so for Suzuki for come down so hard on this party on this issue is quite telling. I wonder what the NDP talking points will be this time...

All the same I am glad to see wide ranging support from this plan not just from respected environmentalists but economists and small c-Conservatives as well. So it will be clear to Canadians in the next election who has the best plan for the environment and the economy.

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ch said...

Experts are split on whether a carbon tax or caps and trade or a combination of both is the best way to go. However, most agree that if you want to propose something that can be implemented quickly, tax is the way to go.

What is most galling about the NDP position is that they are trying to paint the tax as bad and unfair, reinforcing the Conservative strategy. If the NDP really just want to push the caps and trade strategy, they could have done it without using fear-mongering on the carbon tax strategy. I suspect Suzuki came out swinging because he could see the NDP was only going to help the Conservatives on this.