Wednesday, May 7, 2008

December 08 YLC Race: And they’re off! My Questions for Danielle and Sam

This is an exciting time for political junkies, young and old. We've got the Democratic race in the US with two good candidates still battling it out (ok many voices are saying it is done now but it has been a very strong and exciting race), we have the hype and potential of a Canadian federal election to bring down a terrible government (though I do realize a summer election is a slim chance I at this point, but there's still the fall), and seven (….yes SEVEN!) months in advance (and that’s not including the months of campaigning that have already occurred) we have the Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) exec race underway that will culminate at the Liberal Party of Canada Biennial Convention in BC in December.

As of today, two candidates have put forth their name to become the next YLC president. (I also noticed that a new individual has also recently put their name forward for another position). In one corner, we have Sam Lavoie, who will no doubt bring a strong and dedicated contingent. He’s also the current YLC Policy guy. In the other corner, we have Danielle Keenan, who is the President of the Manitoba Young Liberals of Canada.

Before this campaign, I had not heard of either of these individuals and I have not met either of them; however I did note that Danielle did attend the OYL AGM in February. Besides what I stated above about these candidates, I currently do not know much more about these people – except they have Facebook groups that indicate they are the right change/vote for the YLC (Sam’s group is here and Danielle’s is here). I have joined both groups to become an informed voter aware of their ideas, whereabouts etc – but as of yet, I have not received a message. I guess I cannot complain about that however, as I was a little shocked about the 2/3 of year advance campaigning of this. Someone might say to me then why then why I am blogging about it? Well the campaigning is occurring – even if I ignore it, and it’s in full, competitive steam. So then I would like to learn about each candidate. And with a possible election coming up, it may be a good idea to see what they’re currently up to what their future plans are. I believe that who leads the youth of the party at the national level is extremely important so that makes this race important to me as a Liberal.

Therefore, to learn a bit about these candidates, I will shortly be sending them an email with questions to learn a little bit about them, their campaign and ideas (Surprise! You’re on notice Sam & Danielle!). The questions I will be asking them are below. And if any readers would like to add a question to my questionnaire, please list them in the comments and I’ll include some of the best ones.

In the mean time, if any youth out there are considering a run for the YLC presidency you might want to jump and get started ASAP. Candidates are busy campaigning, fundraising and getting supporters. That said don’t let (any) head start advantage of these two deter you – every voice should be heard, and just running is a great opportunity and experience.

Danielle & Sam: You may find some questions overlap with your answers. But I see these questions as a way to inform me (and my readers) of your skills and accomplishments that warrant my and other’s support and also a way to spread out your answers and be able to include all of your ideas, plans and accomplishments.

Ok so here are my questions. If Danielle and/or Sam are so kind to reply I will post their answers in full on this blog.

--Why are you running?

--What have you done to help Stéphane Dion since his nomination as Liberal leader?

--What will you be doing specifically to help Dion become Prime Minister in the next federal election?

--What are your past accomplishments on the Liberal executive boards (at the riding/campus, provincial and/or national level) that you have served on?

--Both candidates talk about the need for the YLC to change. What do you believe is specifically wrong with the YLC and what are some of the specific ways you will change what you see as these problems?

--If you lost your bid to be YLC President what do you expect you be doing next? (Sorry, I know it’s early days, but I would appreciate a clear answer that isn’t “I won’t lose” or “I’m sure I’ll still be involved somehow”)

--What would be your single biggest priority if you were elected as YLC President?

--When do you expect you will launch your platform and website?

--What makes you the candidate to get my vote and that of Liberals like me?

J’aimerais bien si tu pouvais répondre en Anglais et en Français à ces questions. Merci beaucoup!

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