Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cadman Vs. Mulroney/Shreiber

Some time ago the RCMP looked into Mulroney and Shreiber's dealings and decided there was no evidence on which to lay charges against Mr. Mulroney. Yet some people continued to allege impropriety on the part of Mulroney and ALL parties have agreed to the need for a public inquiry into the Mulroney/Shreiber affair because there are still a plethora or answered questions. I agree we need a public inquiry to get to the bottom of the matter.

Yet now the RCMP have similarly decided there is currently no evidence on which to lay charges in the Cadman affair and now we have Conservatives and some other individuals (who are staunch supporters of further investigating the Mulroney/Shreiber scandal mind you) saying we should never discuss this affair again, or even more surprising that the Liberals should apologize before this was even looked at in committee? Do you see the consistency here? I sure don't.

I welcome someone to explain to me how can you support the Mulroney/Shreiber inquiry (which again Stephen Harper said he was firmly committed to holding) when no RCMP evidence was found to charge Mulroney in that case and yet say the Cadman affair should be dropped entirely just because there was not enough evidence (the RCMP does not lay charges unless they have very solid hard evidence that would hold up in court remember) to charge anyone? I wonder if Stephen Harper could explain.

In both cases there are a still a large number of unanswered questions and that I believe Canadians deserve answers to (has Stephen Harper even tried to explain the tape?) and more avenues to be explored and in BOTH the cases of Mulroney/Schreiber and the Cadman affair, I think we need to get to the bottom of them. There is more work to be done on both fronts, not to mention something can still be highly unethical and worth investigating even if it's not criminal, we need to hold our MPs to a higher standard. Many parliamentary committee investigations have proceeded on that basis and I would hope the NDP will finally agree to let the Cadman affair be investigated by the Ethics committee.

One would think though that if those involved with the Cadman affair really have nothing to hide they wouldn't be screamly loudly to have us forget about all this right now just because there is no evidence on which to lay charges at this point.

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