Friday, May 2, 2008

Scientists accuse Tories of 'despicable' interference

Nothing new I'm afraid. We seem to just get a new story every day about how this government doesn’t listen to reason, common sense or sound evidence. Insite is just one more example.

An article published in the International Journal of Drug Policy charges that the Conservative government interfered in the work of independent scientific bodies, attempted to muzzle scientists and deliberately misrepresented research findings because it is ideologically opposed to harm-reduction programs.

When you have “22 peer-reviewed papers published on the program and they have all shown a positive benefit to users, such as reduced rates of transmission of HIV-AIDS and greater use of rehabilitation services” it should be obvious that Insite's license should be renewed, but not with this Government.

Pressure has to be heavily stepped up for Clement to renew Insite's license before it expires at the end of next month (June 2008). If the program ends, undoubtedly more people will suffer.

If an election comes in June then I hope this issue will be discussed (and then a Liberal government will keep it from closing as I feel confident we would win a June election), if it doesn’t then the Conservatives will decide if this program continues. Unfortunately, I just don’t have faith in this government to do the right thing (I hope I am proven wrong on this case).

So sadly I’m sure the Conservative war against science, reason, common sense, the civil service, independent officers and regulators, democratic institutions, and anyone else who dares to criticize this government will continue at full steam…

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don's hottie said...

Danielle, the Conservatives are terrible, your leader and the Liberal Party should stand up and vote against them.

It must get you pretty upset to witness your party supporting this terrible government time and time again I bet.

Danielle Takacs said...

I do get upset by this government, but what's most important to me is that we have an election at the right time so that we can sure they don't get to govern anymore. The stakes are too high to do anything less. I didn't think earlier occasions were the best time to go. However, I do feel quite confident we would win in a June election so I would fully support voting down the government when the budget comes back up for a final vote. I think the Liberals are ready and this government has taken so many appalling actions that it is not hard to justify bringing them down now.

If we don't have a June election, well the past few weeks have shown that this government only continues to embarrass itself the longer it is in power. When the election comes I'm confident they will be tossed out and Stephane Dion will be our Prime Minister. That's what matters most to me.