Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Chase for Change 2008: Potomac Primaries Edition: Obama and McCain Run the Table

So to make sure I'm not missing a beat, I thought I'd chime in on the latest rounds in Maryland, Virginia and D.C..

For the Republicans, it's time to start taking bets on WHEN Mike Huckabee will be dropping out because after a hiccup in the last set of primaries McCain seems ready to steam roll to the finish line. There's no way he'll lose, it's just a question of when he officially wraps it up.

On the Democratic side again it wasn't a surprise Obama won in each race, but the margins were pretty impressive. That said, even though the media seem to be starting to go with a narrative that there may be no stopping him, until you show me a single poll that doesn't show Hillary way out in front in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas then she's still easily in this thing and with solid victories in those states she would have the wind at her back again, but she will absolutely need clear victories there to stop the narrative that is currently forming.

On to Wisconsin and Hawaii...

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