Sunday, February 24, 2008

John Tory Decides He Wants to Be Kicked Around Some More

So he says he's staying. He's flip-flopped on big issues before, so maybe he'll change his mind again before the month is out, so we'll see what happens, but given his pretty clear statement on the matter, I'll assume he's staying for now. Now John Tory just has to get himself a seat. Good luck to him convincing one of his caucus members to step down....

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MAW said...

Wanting to consult with his wife and other PC supporters can hardly be construed as a flip-flop.
If you want a real example of flip-flopping one only needs to recall Dalton McGuinty's promise not to raise taxes and to shut down pollution spewing coal fired electricity generating stations.
Now thats flip-flopping, Dalton McGuinty style.
Once Ontario's economy tanks this province will need a steady hand at the tiller with experience at managing faultering economies, AKA John Tory.