Monday, February 18, 2008

Conservatives Get Your Message Straight, You Sound Like Fools

So it seems the Tories may have realized what a foolish thing it was to try to claim that they would be more fiscally responsible than the Liberals since the records of the two parties aren't even close. We know based on performance who would be more likely to put us in deficit: The Conservatives. So now I read this line here from Jim Prentice:
"The Liberals who administered the country in the past are different than the Liberals under Mr. Dion," Mr. Prentice said, advising reporters to be wary if Liberals "try to take you back in a time machine and claim they are the party that slew the deficit."

Wasn't it only a few months ago when the Conservatives were saying, this was the SAME Liberals that were in power before? Didn't they run a Quebec ad that said Stephane Dion learned everything thing he knew from Jean Chretien? Funny that Prentice talks about Stephane Dion and time machines because I also seem to recall this picture on the Conservative website.

Do they think Canadians have such short memories? As I said this whole latest campaign doesn't even come close to standing up to scrutiny and I think Conservatives are realizing it. I guess it's not the fiirst time they directly contradict themselves. Obviously this latest attack is a disaster, but maybe they will change their message AGAIN tomorrow....

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