Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Harper Conservatives Are Best Placed to Manage Our Economy? What a Joke!!

The latest Conservative campaign against Stephane Dion is once again a joke that doesn't even come close to holding up to scrutiny. Canadians are supposed to believe that Conservatives are best placed to keep us out of deficit? This coming from a government that brought in two useless GST cuts that have done nothing to help the economy and drained billions and billions from the treasury for no purpose? This coming from a finance minister who when in Ontario Government lied about a $6 billion deficit? This coming from a government that had the biggest spending budget in history last year? What benefit did that focus group driven budget bring the Canadian economy? Now we are talking about the cupboard being bare and economic hard times on the horizon, I wonder why?

Contrast that with a Liberal government that turned a $42 Billion deficit left behind by Conservatives into a Gonvernment Treasury richer than it had ever been in Canadian history. We've gone from reliable surpluses each year to worrying about deficits? Whose fault is that? Who has done such an abysmal job managing the economy to put us in this position? Did he ever worry about deficits with the Liberals in power?

Yet the Conservatives want to claim it would be Stephane Dion who would run Canada into deficit? The records of the two parties are clear, 13 years of solid fiscal responsiblity versus 2 years of reckless economic management.

Everyone knows the Liberals will have a fully costed platform come election time as they have for many years. Stephen Harper just wants to goad them into realeasing their playbook early. Liberals won't fall for that trick and we know there's no way a Liberal government would run us into a deficit so it's a waste of time for Dion to spend much effort dealing with this spin.

So Conservatives can spin all they want for now, but once Canadians see the Liberal platform they'll know Conservatives were lying and will see how much of a better plan the Liberals have for Canada than the Harper Conservatives.

We'll see who has the last laugh.

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Tootrusting said...

I hope the CONs decide to run with this line of spin.

It will backfire and they will be a laughing stock. The tactic smacks of desperation.

I have already seen articles making the same point you do

knb said...

They've officially jumped the shark, to use a trite line.

This one will bite them and I cannot say that makes me sad.

cyberwanderer said...

I hope you are right that Canadian will see through the lies and fear campaign they are trying to do. I know they have effective marketing with their large campaign funds. So I guess we have to make sure we get the message out there.

When I read Dion's infrastructure plan this week I felt it was a very good plan. The conservative is probably concern and has to result to fear tactics.

calgarygrit said...

The Liberals won't run a deficit for the same reason Harper will never do a lot of the things he's accused of wanting to do (ban abortions, bring in death penalty, etc): It's plain political suicide.

Now, a fair line of attack might be that the Libs are promising more than they can deliver but I doubt that's the case - especially pre-writ, when you consider most of the policies are probably still to come during the campaign.